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  1. Those fucking ceiling monsters in Ocarina of Time. The noise it makes as the shadow gets bigger, and then the weird little hand creature falls on your head... really clever monster idea Tiberium in the original C&C games. It would always damage your infantry but tanks etc would be fine. That always made you think differently about traversing the environment.
  2. Just got back from the cinema.. This film is amazing! I think you put it on my radar Pone, so thanks for that man. Really interesting film... Loved it.
  3. Nice man! You mean the first book? I loved reading that a few years ago. Might give it another go soon. The sequels are really interesting too, but they kinda lost a lot of what made the first book so great. Still worth a read imo.
  4. Awesome. Is there much info out there about the film at the moment?
  5. Wicked. Thanks for the recommendation Sprony. I remember looking at some of his stuff for Alien Isolation (even though we weren't supposed to look at Aliens, shhhhhh!). Will give this a read.
  6. I get wanting to make gameplay assets stick out from the environment, but yeah it looks like some sort of shader with a colour overlay which just completely flattens the entire object.
  7. God damnit that music is like a fuckin time machine for me. I can picture myself in my living room playing sonic with my dad. Fucking awesome.
  8. Nice one man! I'm looking for to buying my first place
  9. Holy shit, a CSGO map set in Italy? Wow.
  10. What a load o' shite.
  11. I've had a tiny issue with the left joy con but its nowhere near as bad as people are making it out to be...
  12. Zelda is fucking awesome. The Lost Woods is one of the best videogame environments I've ever seen, it feels so atmospheric. I'm blown away. I don't think it's a 10/10 but I am really enjoying it.
  13. Hahaha yay! Go gingers!
  14. Great article. Thanks for putting it together!
  15. Can't believe I've been working on this project for 2 years. Time has flown by... Can't believe the launch trailer has no gameplay in it lol.