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  1. Helder, this one is great ! I love the colors, the setting, the landscape...well everything in this photo
  2. I think you can contrast the photo a bit but not as much as you did with the firsts one (but it's a personal feeling). After that, even if I know it was a quick shoot, try to focus (or auto-focus) on its head or increase the depth of field with you aperture priority.
  3. Is it a custom grass ?
  4. Aha thanks And...mmmh...two more close-up shots ! ^^ Attirance. Etoile printanière.
  5. Because the spring is there now Au travail. A tâtons.
  6. I'm at the end of the last DLC (Blood and Wine) and guys...you succeed to surprised me again after all these hours of game ! I love you dudes ! Oh and I'm so happy to know that we could have a Witcher IV in the future !! \o/
  7. Thanks @Roald ! For the nocturne photos, yes I used a long time exposure (here it's about 30 seconds - which is not good for the stars because you can see them moving but...the photo in general works here I think). About the insects, it depends but in general I try to compose an image I like so if it needs some editing I'll do. I just take care to avoid to lost the identity of the image, the subject.
  8. Some of my last one (with more landscape here). La traversée. La menace. Dans les starting-blocks. Indécision. Pointe du jour. Damage nocturne.
  9. Congrats @Sprony !! You'll see, having two kids is a great adventure
  10. Wooo remember this one with the famous music in it !
  11. Yessssss !!! I was waiting for the spring and now it's theeeeere
  12. Joke : the introduction cinematic of the game "Blood Omen : Legacy of Kain" !
  13. Logan. No need to say that you have to watch this movie because you'll do ! It was excellent !
  14. Aaaand yep ^^
  15. Ahah ok ^^ Well it was "Dead Set" I advise you to see it So an easy one (I think ):