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  1. Thanks man ! Yep, during the loving and famous called "golden hour"
  2. And four newzzzz ! Invitation Chuchotements Derniers rayons Venue du ciel And now I'm on Flickr and I've my Facebook page. Don't hesitate to like and share if you like my photos
  3. And you'll love it too ! One hour of gameplay for spoiler lovers ^^
  4. Ahaha, you have it ^^
  5. Stranger Things ?
  6. ...
  7. Ahaha man xD
  8. I came back on holidays photos "Sous le soleil" "Timidité"
  9. Infernooooooo cs 1.1 !!! By the way you did a nice work on this map even if you should improve your texture and perhaps trying to have a much warmer atmosphere
  10. I think it's time to optimize this pretty rough version to organize a playtest as soon as possible because I'm sure there are a lot of things to improve since we changed a lot the design...
  11. Cool, ok thanks ! It's a nice one And here, we had a bit of snow so I went near Lyon in one of my favorite place to shoot a bit : "Invincibles" "Mélanges" "Résiste"
  12. What is your lens to have this size for your sun ?
  13. HURG studios ^^ ahaha
  14. Always "BIG" wip in archi / details with always a lot of "borrowed" props for our tests (we have a good list of "TO DO props" ^^) : We hope to have a new test version soon but we need to optimized a bit (even if it's not important now because of iterations...) T spawn :