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  1. Infernooooooo cs 1.1 !!! By the way you did a nice work on this map even if you should improve your texture and perhaps trying to have a much warmer atmosphere
  2. I think it's time to optimize this pretty rough version to organize a playtest as soon as possible because I'm sure there are a lot of things to improve since we changed a lot the design...
  3. Cool, ok thanks ! It's a nice one And here, we had a bit of snow so I went near Lyon in one of my favorite place to shoot a bit : "Invincibles" "Mélanges" "Résiste"
  4. What is your lens to have this size for your sun ?
  5. HURG studios ^^ ahaha
  6. Always "BIG" wip in archi / details with always a lot of "borrowed" props for our tests (we have a good list of "TO DO props" ^^) : We hope to have a new test version soon but we need to optimized a bit (even if it's not important now because of iterations...) T spawn :
  7. Mmmmh could we say that we're back ? Just for information, we're working on a new playtest version because we changed a bit...a lot...mmmh we changed things ^^ So, no dates now but it will come. An example : this was the parking area.
  8. Yeaaaah Deep Rising Ok, I though about Virus too but I didn't say it because @dux already put it with this image ^^
  9. Gniii I think I saw this movie and I liked it too (yes guys!!).
  10. Taken a few days ago by a cold morning "Balade hivernale"
  11. Guys, I wish you a happy new year 2017 ! Cheers !
  12. Really interested to see more. I like this thematic (same place than Arizona hehe) !!
  13. - Arizona (and perhaps the other one I'm remaking...but Arizona is THE ONE I would like to finish) - Moaar photos (means more excursions in nature <3) - As my daughters are growing up, take all the family more often outside of the city to visit the countryside and spend time together - Find the time to start and finish all of these unplayed /paused Steam games in my catalog (and that's why I didn't bought something during the current sales even if I was tempted ^^) Yeah, let's start this year!
  14. Merry Christmas everyone!
  15. Each news about this man sounds like a joke...and is unfortunately not. That's crazy.