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  1. Good luck fighting the republicans with logic, it's been tried before.. it doesn't work apparently.
  2. https://www.whitehouse.gov/america-first-energy
  3. So yeah.. it happened And it's starting:
  4. Let's do it, as long as it's not friday, my flight back is at 8.30p.
  5. I've rewatched that vid a few times and I still can't tell if the dude is trolling or not.
  6. And that's actually a bad idea from Sony's part tbh. One of the biggest reasons people buy a PSP or a PSVita is to play emulators. I replayed many of my favourit PSX games on my PSP, it was glorious.
  7. I wish Sony gave more support to the vita, it's such a neat little gadget, those who held one know they feel so damn good in your hand. Maybe they will now, with Nintendo starting the whole "go outside to play games" trend.
  8. Ahah, there's nothing to get, I just find that one image extremely "nintendo" I'm deffo getting a Switch day 1, along with arms and zelda
  9. Looks like tugaland alright!
  10. Article about a game company that doesn't make games anymore concludes said company is not going to make a game anymore.
  11. Play 4, it's diferent than the first 3 but it's amazing. And yeah, RE1 remake is the best remake of any game, ever. Also that RE7 demo on PSN is pretty fucking good, can't wait for the game later in the month.