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  1. Nice portfolio! Those game concepts are cool! Putting all of them on one website page seems like a good idea. Scrolling > clicking.
  2. Your thumbnails seem a little overly dark to me. Titles above the image and logos/branding below the image is probably a smart move.
  3. Any paid work (Level Design, Environment Artist, Coding, QA, etc.) may be posed. Unpaid work must be clearly specified. Thanks!
  4. Just posted rules to make it more clear, but since you're clearly stating it's not paid, that seems fine.
  5. The first game was a real treat, I hope they don't blow this one!
  6. (looks like some stuff is gonna happen)
  7. This is awesome, check it out
  8. Welcome!
  9. The War in Stars is kewl.
  10. That's a strong cover, really like that second pic!
  11. Note to self: don't invite Corwin over to my house without fortifying every wall
  12. Go see this. Seriously go see this. Best movie I've seen since The Matrix, Fight Club etc. it's fucking insane.
  13. Used to watch Labyrinth on VHS when I was six years old. Bowie always seemed kindhearted, you could tell he was a good person even as a kid
  14. I think this turned out really well. You definitely nailed the theme and the map has a lot of detail to look at and take in. Here's some crit: 1. You're using a lot of materials, models, etc. It might be a good idea for a lot of reasons to consolidate your material usage to a handful of "theme textures" (custom?), textures that define your level and are used throughout consistently and help define the exact look you want. For your theme textures, I would say maybe no more than 15 or so. Sure you'll have to replace a lot of your existing textures, and repeat textures more, but if you do it cleverly the consistency of your look will be improved a lot and performance as well. Same idea applies to models. As an example of where you already do this very well: your skybox and the outer part of the map. You always use the same few tree models, grass models, and that really helps make the level feel "real". The inside of the level would benefit from that kind of consistency. 2. It might be smart to be more critical of non-HR textures. This map has a lot of potential! Try to limit your use of the non-HR textures, and you'll see a big improvement in the definition of your surfaces. 3. Not all details are created equal. You do a lot of clever stuff, but it can be a bit overwhelming. As an example of what you maybe don't need: the leaves growing out of the white wooden lattices. Why not either go full natural there, or full wooden. When you mix the two you suffer from what I think the level has a bit of already, which is a feeling of chaos. If you're going to use barrels, why not use one barrel across the entire map, one set of rock models (custom?) etc. 4. Custom content. This map would benefit a lot from looking at each individual wall, prop, etc. and making the most "polished" version of that area. Custom content for signs, custom wood textures, custom models, etc. These would all help make the level less chaotic, more memorable. Overall, think this one shows a lot of promise!
  15. LOL I think I already know what it is. And yes, that would be dark as fuck (but also pretty realistic)
  16. Guess I'll try this one. Not too sure what to expect
  17. You could tweak the RGB values on those models to get them looking roughly the same as before (since it appears that all you really want to do is darken them) BTW, helpful tip for tweaking RGB values across the map: you don't have to recompile. Doing "entity only" compiles is sufficient. Saves a ton of time.
  18. Just put the hostages in the room with the Counter Terrorists spawn points. They have to take the hostages out. It's essentially just cutting the CS game mode in half, sounded fun.
  19. Try updating your graphics drivers?
  20. I would go ahead and say this qualifies as a great puzzle. I'm a big fan of the way you used turrets as soft, easy warm-ups for the big puzzle tasks and the way they flowed naturally into the problem solving. It never felt too overwhelming. There were, however, two big issues I noticed that I think you definitely want to address.
  21. Spotlighted, going to check this one out tonight >: D
  22. Woah! So intense. The amount of polish that has gone into this game is so sick!
  23. Love these!
  24. This dude was a beast, and had a very distinctive style. Such sad news.