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  1. It won't stop
  2. Definitely better! I also notice that your building's plaster is overly clean.
  3. The foliage seems a bit under-contrast, needs darker shadows and more definition IMO. This is looking great
  4. I really enjoyed this mod, and Marnamai is a super knowledge guy. Very excited for Part 2 of Downfall
  5. don't give a fuck about cosplay (obviously) but this is wild
  6. We're definitely going to do something like this after this CS:GO contest. No doubt about it.
  7. I guess it just depends on how similar it is to Opera and if Opera was ever released with art.
  8. This is a good way of phrasing it. Everybody who got cut off could literally just team up together and still win it.
  9. This is obviously a concern. The alternative that we pursued before was that we allowed any non-Operation maps to enter. Predictably, maps that had been around for a while were the ones that ended up winning. Now, I'm not against that necessarily, but we did get a lot of push-back. So consider this rules format an experiment to try in the other direction. The fact that some maps will be ineligible because they released publicly is a downside, but the fact that the playing field is more even/fair is the upside. With such a large prize pool, we want things to be explicitly and obviously fair, that seems like the right approach.
  10. You're not very far along. You can participate if you want.
  11. It's simple guys, if it's further along than a simple greybox, it's probably not eligible.
  12. PM me with your map that you're wondering about, or post more info here?
  13. If it hasn't been released you're good.
  14. Right. Not just a few obvious placeholder pieces of art, we're talking about enough art that it's unfair to new participants. We're going to be enforcing our rules. People should err on the side of caution.
  15. No post about this? Dafaq bois? You must all be too busy playing it. Congrats everybody! literally too many people to even tag in one post.
  16. that map wouldn't be eligible because it has art in an already released version.
  17. Hi all, The Mapcore Discord is something we're really having a lot of fun with. INVITE: More Chat Moderators are being added and volunteers accepted every day. If you stick around and behave yourself, we'll make you a Chat Moderator. Thanks, Shawn
  18. The space part honestly felt so stunning the first time, it made me realize that was something I'd always wanted to do in a game but never knew
  19. This is fucking cool.
  20. Yes, I really recommend this content to anyone interested in single player design, he makes a lot of practical points
  21. Hi guys So it's summertime for me. That means, I want to create 3 new maps! I'm creating this thread to keep account of these projects and because it should be a fun journey for all, like the voyage to Mordor to throw my free time into a burning inferno.!!! The screenshots are going to be honest. I've identified that I'm sometimes bad at showing people my in progress work because I want everything to look amazing and perfect and that's not gonna be the way these next few months go down. It's gonna get sloppy up in here. First, DE_SEASON: (a remake) Next is DE_GRACE, an original map: Don't Sue Me Pls: some placeholder art from Dear Esther in there. I also used some neotokyo/Agency stuff that's gonna get replaced. Third is a humble hostage map with only a rough concept in mind atm. Will begin when the other maps complete. Have a good day~
  22. While I've been busy doing "things" for Mapcore, and working on Sub-Zero, I made a design for ESL Dallas, most attendees will get them. BTW, I'll be attending Dallas too. let me know if you are too.
  23. I wanna get my rank back soon