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  1. I think this is a movie that a lot of people won't give a fair chance, or come to all sorts of weird judgements about because it obviously has some racial themes. But man, what a fucking great movie. I'm going to go see it again this week.
  2. Go see this. Seriously go see this. Best movie I've seen since The Matrix, Fight Club etc. it's fucking insane.
  3. You decide where Mapcore goes in 2017. Choosing events for our beloved 'Core doesn't come lightly, it's a big responsibility. However, our community displays astonishing creativity everyday. Thus, where Mapcore goes next is in your hands. GAMES: Virtual Reality. Finally. It would be fun to examine VR, specifically the Source 2 Destinations workshop, as a way to express ourselves, and get our hands on Source 2. Unreal Tournament has one of the most futuristic mapping editors we could work with right now. Black Mesa has matured into a polished stand-alone product. Great, because this is where it all began for Mapcore -- with the legendary Half-Life. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive remains huge. Mapcore and CS:GO Operations have had an amazing, symbiotic relationship over the years. Team Fortress 2 we could make a big impact on. Imagine a suite of high quality maps for TF2's new Matchmaking player-base, created by you... Also, imagine hats. Lastly, the 1024x1024 contest is a simple concept: you're limited in the amount of space you have, to exactly 1024x1024 units. We would expand this contest to any game! Which game(s) do you want to work on?
  4. It's a horror movie. There's many different sides of it and characters, they could work independently but put together it really works well.
  5. I'm going to go ahead and close the polls now (I think you can still vote, but as of now it's CS:GO 1, UT 2, 1024 3). I think myself and @Sprony have enough data to steer the process from here and give you guys some cool events in line with what was voted on. Hopefully our future events will be exciting for everyone!
  6. Personally, this is what I'd like to see. A co-op campaign/contest, by Mapcore. its kind of a bold suggestion though, not sure if people will go for it
  7. How about a poll to determine if we need another poll?
  8. So, enough time has elapsed that we can think about closing the poll soon. It looks like you guys are clearly: interested in another CS:GO event, interested in another UE4 event, and really intrigued by the 1024x1024 idea. So, we're going to do all of these (eventually)! I think two contests per year is reasonable, personally. I have a further question: 1) Hostage or bomb defuse? Both?
  9. Portal that takes you back to the top once you reach the bottom?
  10. I think the idea is a cube. We could morph these options into different things depending on your feedback. So UT could become UE4 scene contest, CS:GO could become hostage, it's totally up to you guys what direction you'd like things to go.
  11. I should watch the second season of this, loved the first.
  12. absolutely correct! I edited out some passive aggressive whining to that effect from the original post
  13. It could be interesting simply to work with the editor. Keep in mind CS:GO is confirmed moving to Source 2 eventually. (Vote for whatever you want)
  14. Correct! I guess I didn't want to outright say what we'll do, because you guys need to help shape the process
  15. Voting is now open
  16. The new game from the creators of Limbo I thought this was one worth talking about.
  17. I love this thread
  18. Really liking it, I feel your textures are a bit too clean, 10-15% however.
  19. so if Valve hired you to work with them to make a game, and you did, it wouldn't be a Valve game? shit makes no sense
  20. Portal 1 was based on an indie game, built from the ground up by Valve. Portal 2... really, we're going to claim Valve didn't make that? Left 4 Dead 1 was based on a CS mod, built from the ground up by Valve. Left 4 Dead 2, totally made by Valve. or not, somehow, by rationale I don't understand. CS:GO was developed by Hidden Path in the very early days, with Valve supervision then handed over to Valve completely. Dota 2 was built from scratch (then rebuilt totally) by Valve. I get that many people want Valve to make more games, especially Half-Life 3, but to say they don't make games is like an ex-girlfriend you dated for years claiming you never dated. And to claim they're "not relevant" is just... I guess people haven't heard of Dota2, or CS, or have ever used a Vive. Let's stop being babies just because daddy won't give us our shiny toy.
  21. not if you cared about being accurate
  22. Gabe optimistic about VR but includes possibility of total failure 3 new Valve VR titles Portable VR coming soon. First as an Add-on and then integrated
  23. Hi guys So it's summertime for me. That means, I want to create 3 new maps! I'm creating this thread to keep account of these projects and because it should be a fun journey for all, like the voyage to Mordor to throw my free time into a burning inferno.!!! The screenshots are going to be honest. I've identified that I'm sometimes bad at showing people my in progress work because I want everything to look amazing and perfect and that's not gonna be the way these next few months go down. It's gonna get sloppy up in here. First, DE_SEASON: (a remake) Next is DE_GRACE, an original map: Don't Sue Me Pls: some placeholder art from Dear Esther in there. I also used some neotokyo/Agency stuff that's gonna get replaced. Third is a humble hostage map with only a rough concept in mind atm. Will begin when the other maps complete. Have a good day~
  24. Sign me up for this bad motherfucker! I'd shrink the scale of those floor textures. I'm guessing they're above .25 scale, that's generally a no-no.