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  1. This looks nice, but your rooms are still quite squared off and underlit. This makes your nice details just feel noisy
  2. This prompted me to go back and watch some classic Broodwar games. Never played it back in the day, but this was prime esports action even for a total noob like myself. Flash vs Jaedong
  3. Now that looks fucking nice.
  4. Yeah. That's what I'm criticizing a little bit. At least, if it would prevent tools going out sooner. This is UGC, by definition it's not polished for the most part.
  5. I'd release anything, at all, whatsoever to get a start. No polished first impressions kind of thinking. People would make it work.
  6. <3 Actually I'm dumb as fuck and there's still stuff to fix. It's amazing anyone deals with me in any capacity at all
  7. The effects on models seem to be less than ideal
  8. D:
  9. Welcome to our community!
  10. I do not recommend watching any trailers for this movie. (or any trailers for any movie you actually want to see)
  11. I think this is a movie that a lot of people won't give a fair chance, or come to all sorts of weird judgements about because it obviously has some racial themes. But man, what a fucking great movie. I'm going to go see it again this week.
  12. It's a horror movie. There's many different sides of it and characters, they could work independently but put together it really works well.
  13. Go see this. Seriously go see this. Best movie I've seen since The Matrix, Fight Club etc. it's fucking insane.