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  1. Before I allow everyone else to discuss this further, I want to comment on why I disagree with this statement and why BMS will be the best technological platform for further SP work in Source. BMS is being actively updated and many of the newest CSGO graphical features directly transferred over thanks to BMS' active coders. BMS tech could also be transferred into a new title, it doesn't have to strictly live on their workshop (I might be wrong on that, but I don't think I am.) As a result, BMS is, outside of CSGO, the "newest" Source you can work with. And it has all of the SP scripting stuff included inside.
  2. BMS became a retail product that made a lot of money (??? assuming here). I guess you hate money too? I didn't do a very good job playtesting beforehand, so it sucked balls. FOR THE RECORD: I wouldn't have an issue with helping to guide a "Mapcore BMS map pack". However, I'm quite busy with my own work couldn't commit to personally working on it. A "Mapcore mod", would have to develop from interest in many of you guys. All of you would have to steer the process and commit to working on it, it's not something that can be forced. It would take many committed people probably working very very many hours. Not an easy thing.
  3. A Black Mesa modification seems like a smart move. I'm sure those guys would be happy about it too. Not going to rain on the parade any further, but I think Black Mesa is a separate engine from HL2, the entities are totally different if I'm not mistaken, and a port would be a technical challenge of a large magnitude. Could speak to @JeanPaul on that front. Hard to imagine an "Episode 3" with no HL2 content.
  4. On what engine? I think we could easily make the number of HL2:Episode 2 maps necessary to create an unofficial Episode 3, but the question is would it find an audience? On an old engine like that, who knows.
  5. A Mapcore mod would be interesting, but varying experience levels might make it tough. We have an abundance of level designers, but how many level designers does a mod really need? I think it's entirely possible we could start with a core of users from this website, but trying to directly include everyone in the actual development process wouldn't really be feasible of course.
  6. Best news of this AMA (other than reading the words unannounced titles) was hearing that the JJ Abrams movie(s) will happen. That is so fucking exciting!
  7. This turned out really well. The ambiance actually reminds me a bit of your Black Mesa work
  8. I'm very excited to try this when I get a free moment. Very excited.
  9. Probably more foreplay. The original Half-Life had much more of a prologue and also less vehicle fluff in the middle
  10. yeah, Mapcore could easily remake hl2 if it were on Source again
  11. Is the JJ Abrams movie still happening?
  12. I think the props turned out well, keep it up!
  13. Please refrain from pimping your stuff in another poster's thread On-topic: those last screenshots look really sweet !
  14. Merry Christmas!