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  1. I love this thread
  2. Really liking it, I feel your textures are a bit too clean, 10-15% however.
  3. so if Valve hired you to work with them to make a game, and you did, it wouldn't be a Valve game? shit makes no sense
  4. Portal 1 was based on an indie game, built from the ground up by Valve. Portal 2... really, we're going to claim Valve didn't make that? Left 4 Dead 1 was based on a CS mod, built from the ground up by Valve. Left 4 Dead 2, totally made by Valve. or not, somehow, by rationale I don't understand. CS:GO was developed by Hidden Path in the very early days, with Valve supervision then handed over to Valve completely. Dota 2 was built from scratch (then rebuilt totally) by Valve. I get that many people want Valve to make more games, especially Half-Life 3, but to say they don't make games is like an ex-girlfriend you dated for years claiming you never dated. And to claim they're "not relevant" is just... I guess people haven't heard of Dota2, or CS, or have ever used a Vive. Let's stop being babies just because daddy won't give us our shiny toy.
  5. not if you cared about being accurate
  6. Gabe optimistic about VR but includes possibility of total failure 3 new Valve VR titles Portable VR coming soon. First as an Add-on and then integrated
  7. Sign me up for this bad motherfucker! I'd shrink the scale of those floor textures. I'm guessing they're above .25 scale, that's generally a no-no.
  8. I hope so too! The numbers are the average of all the playtest round scores. You've mentioned 13-2 and 9-6, for instance. That's a pretty large variation in and of itself -- there were plenty of matches played where the numbers went in the opposite direction (more matches, in fact!) Regardless, I really enjoyed your feedback and the thought put into it.
  9. Balance stats were 48% CT, 52% T. Smart analysis. He has some ideas that will be tested/implemented.
  10. brb guys, adding an underground water section! JK If you have any ideas on how to make the map more strange, feel free
  11. What are your favorite maps?
  12. Subzero is pretty strange, have you played it? Pretty sure there was a picture in that post
  13. Released the grey-box of Subzero yesterday, can be found here EU and NA playtests today on Reddit, it sure would be great to see you guys there!
  14. I believe you need to raise your player spawn entities in the level maybe 8-16 units.
  15. Sounds like an innocent mistake with a plausible explanation. Best wishes to all involved, thanks for the mature resolution! Hopefully a lesson was learned. As for the future of Kruppstahl -- who would benefit from removing the map from future consideration?