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  1. Prometheus was dumb. This seems dumb.
  2. Sure thing! I think this is the first version we playtested: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxQPUZnFd-S9elVwQ2M2QWtxRlU Lemme know if it works.
  3. I watched the video and wondered what the fuck was going on. It seemed to be ooooverly scripted to be honest. Random followers show up and do random shit and everyone dies left and right. Like, the player character was in trouble when fighting a champion or whatever and the champion just gets sniped. woot? I hope it's good but who knows, maybe they took a brilliant piece of game design like the nemesis system and turned it into a michael bay movie. We'll see I guess.
  4. I think the levels look pretty cool, waiting to see how the actual game is though!
  5. Rewatched Aliens. I found it entertaining the first time but thought it was too different from Alien in tone. Watching it again, with the right expectations, was absolutely wonderful. Such a great film.
  6. It wasn't.
  7. As I think I mentioned earlier I left Starbreeze in November. Started at DICE today!
  8. Okay, thanks for the replies guys, I added DS1 to my list! Man, Darkest Dungeon really sparked my interest in masochism.
  9. Bump! I've been thinking about picking up one Dark Souls game. I'm wondering which one you guys would recommend? For a newcomer that is. I imagine later entries have lots of quality of life improvements but who knows if one of the earlier ones is just better in different ways?
  10. Looks amazing! Reminds me of Max Payne for some reason (might be cause I'm replaying it).
  11. Got Darkest Dungeon and Tomb Raider on the Winter Sale. Played a few mins of Tomb Raider just to try. Seems hella-cool. I'm looking for that rollercoaster thrill ride. Darkest Dungeon is fucking badass. The format and setup is simple but a lot of complex situations spring from these. Reminds me a bit of Xcom.
  12. It's so nice watching the community come together to solve problems! Personally I have no idea.
  13. Fuck, now I wanna play this again! Ah well, there goes the productive use of my time...
  14. - survive the sequel to 2016
  15. Merry Christmas yall!