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  1. Another noclip interview.
  2. Yeah, not much to see but it's just a teaser. Curious to see some gameplay.
  3. Never played the first one, but that presentation really makes me want to buy the second one.
  4. Spies like us. It's a TV show, but there's currently only one episode, so I guess it counts as a movie And it's also pretty good, so I recommend to watch it.
  5. Great work so far, the last shot has some cool lighting. As you already said it's not really looking too futuristic right now, which is not a big deal, imo. You could push it a bit by adding monitors, holograms or whatsoever. My only complaint would be that everything is pretty boxy. Office environments often tend to end up that way it seems. Especially when looking at the first three screenshots. Windows, doors, planters, lamps, floor tiles, vents, benches...they all have the same shapes. The foliage breaks it up a bit which is nice.
  6. DraQu speedrun in under 20min. Not sure how you can figure out all those shortcuts but it's crazy. He did also a lot of speedruns for DOOM.
  7. Yeah pretty much this! Awesome work from everyone in the last page. Shows that you don't need the latest next gen engine to make great art
  8. Those prologue trailers are so confusing to me. This and the last one are so different, it's almost like it's for two different movies. Also after what Sprony described my expectations are pretty low, I guess as long as the visuals are stunning I'm fine with it. Pretty much how Prometheus was.
  9. I know someone who knows a guy who has a friend that works there. Just pm me your full name and email address edit: Same for you SirK.
  10. Some infos about the Duel mode...too bad it's in Russian. At least the text is in English
  11. Great but quite long article.
  12. You can go ahead and post another movie image. Can't think of any good movie to post right now.
  13. At first I thought that's from Death Proof, because the car looks so familiar. But that line on the trunk is so typical for Stephen's Stark, right?. I think in the original it's called The Dark Half.
  14. Awesome! Thanks for the feedback, I'm not working on the project but I'll make sure to pass all feedback and comments along.