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  1. Redeemed this one: FHM9-N48E-U4GU-8Q7E-H63M
  2. Prometheus looked great, was a bad movie though. I lost hope for Ridley to actually produce a classic again, he is working with some really bad writers nowadays smh
  3. That screenshot looks better
  4. Looks good on it's own, but feels a lot more like UT99 sequel to me somehow.
  5. Art-style wise, It looks like Dead Space and Doom 3 mixed together which is not necessarily a good thing unfortunately. Also, huge puddles of blood need to go, that is a bit of a caricature at this day and age Gameplay bits look hopeful though!
  6. Updated my journal. I hope the production value will be higher than on Wasteland 2.
  7. What is the point if you already saw it on youtube?
  8. There is hope that they'll get something decent out. I mean, now that they are grounded because of the funding (in the Daikatana days money was not a concern) they have to hustle and plan well.
  9. Finished this game as well If i can be bothered to finish a title it is equal with a Stamp of Approval. Go get it guys, it's solid entertainment for 95% of the running time. Both old school and modern at the same time. Good fun!
  10. http://otherside-e.com/wp/games/
  11. I'm a bit worried for the art quality on this though. This Shodan piece looks like a fan-art. :/
  12. Yes, and sitting there behind Trump as he's shitting all over your work and then you have to smile, shake his hand and congratulate him on his speech. Obama's a good actor.
  13. QFT, people you choose to stay in touch with are your family, the blood ties are purely accidental.
  14. That is probably the least exciting news out of that article, lol.
  15. It's not like I was constantly comparing the game to SS2 while playing it. I just couldn't help but cringe at the Console treatment it got. (Remember, it came out in 2007 and we were still in MasterRaceDenial) Look at the looting/search system for instance, so awfully simple.