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  1. That is probably the least exciting news out of that article, lol.
  2. Hahaha, you are lazy indeed
  3. It's not like I was constantly comparing the game to SS2 while playing it. I just couldn't help but cringe at the Console treatment it got. (Remember, it came out in 2007 and we were still in MasterRaceDenial) Look at the looting/search system for instance, so awfully simple.
  4. I had the same sensation, maybe because of how simplified the game was compared to SS2?
  5. I have not had time for a whole lot of gaming in 2016, but i did play and complete DOOM with pleasure!
  6. Because one person was from the management and the other a regular employee?
  7. He is being sarcastic.
  8. Except they're legit scary and not entertaining at all :/
  9. Where are my crutches?
  10. I died by sticking a screwdriver in an electric outlet. #Hitman2016
  11. Bought this, I hope it's better than Absolution which i could not get into at all.
  12. Kingpin, fucking classic!
  13. Sooo... exhumating presidential plane crash bodies for the 9th time for nothing but political exploitation is another one of their liberal moves yes? Please elaborate!
  14. Yeah, first orange president!