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  1. Yes, we shall miss pudd. He made sure to print out a black and white photo of himself *framed* and leave it with us in the level area.
  2. Prob going to do a bunch of small vr projects this year. Ill def need artists / technical artists Pm me if you are interested. No start date as of yet. Will be in Unreal 4
  3. Going to play through them over the weekend
  4. This is a Speed Run of the VR version. It looks amazing! Too bad I only have a vive atm.
  5. Celebrity couple : PIT and RD
  6. lots of the above mentioned, also Thumper - The Witness - Abzu - Superhot
  7. I think i might be the only one who uses it. chop away!
  8. Great article Pudd!
  9. This is all I've ever wanted in life. Honestly, one of my all time favorite platformers ever. The main reason I picked up a ps1 back in the day.
  10. Really excited for this! Loved the first one. Need to play the DLC
  11. Before you post in this section please read over the following. This forum is for sharing Work in progress student / beginner projects to gather feedback from the early design phase to late phase. Examples of things you should post: Whitebox layout with design doc Top down layouts with flow/ enemy spawns/ items/ ect. Design document with visual aids or prototypes Projects that are playable and require feedback (should include a download link) Examples of how NOT to start your thread: Just screenshots with no explanation Just a video playthrough or trailer Posts without design doc or design intent Placeholder threads "I'll put something here" Half finished whitebox layouts Posts that are only art (props,textures,characters)
  12. I like how at the end of the video the plug another site. Stupid.
  13. I actually lived in "Quincy" when working at Irrational Games. This is EXACTLY what it looked like.
  14. It's slowly downloading to my pc atm. I will most likely use a xbox controller.