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  1. Seems to be reviewing really well, I'm so happy for those guys and girls, it's been a long time coming and a lot of work!!
  2. Really interesting read, thanks!
  3. Sad. I bought all these AAA games at full-price, lol. Hope sales improve across the board, was reading about Watchdogs 2 and hope all these big games didn't cannibalise themselves and have a longer tail...
  4. Really cool, I can't wait to see how it turns out!
  5. Thanks for the link! Great interview, was interesting to listen to him talk as he was genuine and very informative and also humble. Half-way through the SP campaign now and really enjoying it! MP is amazing as usual.
  6. Played some MP, really good although so far so Battlefield (which isn't a bad thing at all!! :)). Really enjoying the SP (although I think I might have been over-hyped for it!). Very smart of them to finally leverage the MP mechanics like capturing flags and all that UI from MP instead of trying to be COD in SP, I actually didn't finish BF4's campaign (though could have been due to FPS fatigue that seems to have peaked around 2013) but I love the bite-sized and 'stories' angle of this one. AI seems a bit janky though. :/ And bit weird of them to force everyone to play the SP after booting the game, since games like COD go the other way and allow you to start the game in the MP front-end.
  7. Reallllllllllllllly tempted to get this for the story, I heard it's really great. Might wait til after the BF1/TF2/IW blitz of games though.
  8. Not much work got done today everyone was gathered around watching someone Twitch-stream play on Insane! Will be interesting to see how the other big games coming over the next couple of months do, but overall very happy with the reviews, think they have mostly been fair! It's a pretty hefty package! (That's what she said?)
  9. lolol. I just meant purely as a title, as words. But yeah, the core pillars do translate between games (incidentally, there's a great GDC talk by the Narrative Lead of Far Cry 2 about boiling down the core aspects of that brand, and why they didn't put Trigen in 2 :P)
  10. Haha, fair point! Although "far cry" is pretty broad and... meaningless isn't it?
  11. Looks interesting, I'll be keeping an eye on reviews... I'll reserve judgment until I play it, but the "Mafia" name seems bolted-on, seems like they could have made this a new IP couldn't they? Does the Mafia name really hold that much sway for a non-Italian-mob crime game?
  12. It depends on the game! Some games have scripted streaming, others use volumes, or combinations (and some, e.g. open world games, use tiles)! As you said, front-gating for co-op (in action titles) is the main way of avoiding problems with this; Gears of War 3, for example, has those garage doors or barbed wire fences that both co-op players have to Press Use On that triggers a cutscene and moves all [potentially-4] players to the next area. The original Halo (and Gears 1 for that matter) had a lot of teleporting of the co-op player to keep players together.
  13. Ah yes, elevators -- I had thought about mentioning Metroid Prime too (I remember the first streaming elevator notoriously causing a crash or something?) and even some spots in Fallout 4 that mask loading with a fade-to-black + teleport + elevator ride, I guess the problem with them is they start to become super-obvious and can't usually be used everywhere. To add to the topic, I happened to be listening to this podcast with Amy Hennig yesterday, which sent me on an internet journey that ended up here, I'm mildly envious I didn't use styrofoam and CD racks in my examples now!!! But yeah, Crystal Dynamics and Naughty Dog really helped pioneer this tech for 3D Action/Adventures.
  14. Holy moly! I just realised that Gman is raising his eyebrows. I've seen your avatar dunno how many times but it was not until now!