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  1. Reminder that Gwent - The Witcher Card game goes into open beta on wednesday. I've played it on closed beta for over a month already and love it. Also:
  2. 30 year war
  3. Is anyone in the Gwent beta? I've never played any of the popular card collection games but i'm enjoying this quite a bit. Think i will sink a lot of time into this when it's public.
  4. Mhh yea i was mildly interested in this but just in time i feel off put again by Bioware. I loved the first ME and DA but completely lost interest when the sequels came out.
  5. 3deep5me
  6. It's so much fun to make gross substances. Experiment with different input:
  7. I don't have much hope for this. It looks like made for TV, some of the artistic choices are so weird to me. Why make a movie on a grey overcloud day and then further desaturate it in post process? it looks like ass. I can't believe this is directed by Ridley Scott, who used to have such a good hand at making visualy stunning artistic choices. Aside from Fassbender the cast does nothing for me, and the story seems to be as nonsensical as Prometheus.
  8. Just took a closer look into your opus pattern. It's quite complicated to set this up by hand so in order to make this work decently it would definitely take some scripting with fx maps and/or pixel processor. Someone made a opus pattern generator already. You can jus open the sbs to see how he did it
  9. You can make the base pattern from shape nodes (use transform 2d and blend nodes to assemble) before feeding it into a tile sampler. For height variations on patterns created that way you can use the filter random node that i linked two pages earlier.
  10. Seriously, what the fuck was that?
  11. You can't do everything in SD yet. It's difficult to make perspectival objects, say variations of bricks for a rubble texture that show three sides at a time. It's also very difficult to place such things procedurally without cutting and blending too obviously into each other. Also you can't do shape profiles along a spline or things like that. But at the rate Allegorithmic improves their software i wouldn't be surprised to see some next level shit happening within the next 2-3 years. Photoshop i haven't opened for almost a year aside from some oldschool source engine texturing and sign decals that i made.
  12. Was just messing around with some patterns and curves, ended up with a cool panel type thing.
  13. Awesome Jenn0! The new curve editor is super nice. Will be super useful for ornamental things and things like trim textures. Some crap i was working on last night. Need to polish them turds a bit more before i make marmoset beauty shits shots.