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  1. Just took a closer look into your opus pattern. It's quite complicated to set this up by hand so in order to make this work decently it would definitely take some scripting with fx maps and/or pixel processor. Someone made a opus pattern generator already. You can jus open the sbs to see how he did it
  2. You can make the base pattern from shape nodes (use transform 2d and blend nodes to assemble) before feeding it into a tile sampler. For height variations on patterns created that way you can use the filter random node that i linked two pages earlier.
  3. Seriously, what the fuck was that?
  4. You can't do everything in SD yet. It's difficult to make perspectival objects, say variations of bricks for a rubble texture that show three sides at a time. It's also very difficult to place such things procedurally without cutting and blending too obviously into each other. Also you can't do shape profiles along a spline or things like that. But at the rate Allegorithmic improves their software i wouldn't be surprised to see some next level shit happening within the next 2-3 years. Photoshop i haven't opened for almost a year aside from some oldschool source engine texturing and sign decals that i made.
  5. Was just messing around with some patterns and curves, ended up with a cool panel type thing.
  6. Awesome Jenn0! The new curve editor is super nice. Will be super useful for ornamental things and things like trim textures. Some crap i was working on last night. Need to polish them turds a bit more before i make marmoset beauty shits shots.
  7. In that case it's fine. For CS:GO you need a diffuse texture anyway which you can make by multiplying the ao map on top of the basecolor.
  8. The crevices on the basecolor look pretty dark for a pbr texture. That's what the ao map is there for. The new hbao node does a very good job for that. Under PBR Utilities you can also find a PBR Albedo Safe Color node that you can plug in before your basecolor output in case you're unsure if some values are too dark or too bright.
  9. This should work (see attached file). Otherwise i believe it's included in this substance from him: And yea it's pretty awesome node. Really helps for getting more polished "zbrushy" look on stuff, less noisy and procedural. Super awesome for making some erosion like terrain effects aswell.
  10. Two custom nodes that i use A LOT are Hugo Beyer's noise polisher: Bruno Cracks: Others that i like: Get slope: Filter random: ID map from greyscale:
  11. I made a custom node for that aswell:
  12. It can be intimidating at first but with the right tutorials (i used Rogelio Olguin's Gnomon tutorial) it "clicks" quickly. You build up the materials layer by layer just like you would in PS and many of the filters and blend nodes are similar so PS skills translate well in some respect.
  13. Yea you don't need PS for that. You can play around with warp, directional, warp, slope blur, non uniform blur to name just a few of your options. Takes some practice and experimenting to understand each tool and get a good feel for when to use what. The only time you should have to rely on PS is for preparing decal bitmaps or something like that.
  14. I got back into Crusader Kings II after christmas. It's so entertaining what stories the game throws at you. I don't know any game that is comparable. Even struggling and failing can be fun. On one occasion i got a brand new heir with great martial skills. I prepared a long planned war to become emporer of the HRE then the idiot dies during first day of battle GOT style and leaves me with his 7 year old daughter to keep the kingdom together. Then i had a dynasty leader who in his youth had two "witches" as lovers with whom he produced a bunch of bastard childs before he turned a raving homosexual, catching lovers pox and syphilis. He also was a heretic, lunatic and absolute madman in general who murdered children during full moon nights and made a horse his chancellor. To become emperor he swore fealthy to some large eastern nomad tribe and overthrew them from within in less then a year.
  15. 6 months without pay seems a terribly long time. If they are out of cash for that long and haven't filed for insolvency yet this might even be a crime after German law. Other scenario is they have the cash and just withhold for whatever reason, which is equaly shitty behaviour.