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  1. I got back into Crusader Kings II after christmas. It's so entertaining what stories the game throws at you. I don't know any game that is comparable. Even struggling and failing can be fun. On one occasion i got a brand new heir with great martial skills. I prepared a long planned war to become emporer of the HRE then the idiot dies during first day of battle GOT style and leaves me with his 7 year old daughter to keep the kingdom together. Then i had a dynasty leader who in his youth had two "witches" as lovers with whom he produced a bunch of bastard childs before he turned a raving homosexual, catching lovers pox and syphilis. He also was a heretic, lunatic and absolute madman in general who murdered children during full moon nights and made a horse his chancellor. To become emperor he swore fealthy to some large eastern nomad tribe and overthrew them from within in less then a year.
  2. 6 months without pay seems a terribly long time. If they are out of cash for that long and haven't filed for insolvency yet this might even be a crime after German law. Other scenario is they have the cash and just withhold for whatever reason, which is equaly shitty behaviour.
  3. @Sigma have you guys watched Black Mirror? Westworld is basicly a very long Black Mirror episode.
  4. I heard it's gonna be the new Game of Thrones for HBO, with 5-6 seasons. There is a lot in this universe that hasn't even been touched yet. We haven't seen anything of the outside world or the other theme park worlds (except from a tiny glimpse). That guests can't get seriosuly hurt by default isn't ridiculous at all imo. Would you be ok playing a VR game if you could get killed in it? And that's a important theme for the show really, the discrepancy that guests can do whatever they want with no real consequences, which turns them into sadists to get their kicks and the hosts suffering over and over.
  5. It's fascinating how they managed to develop such a complex and deep show from a somewhat corny and simplistic 70's action movie.
  6. Just catched up on Westworld. This show is so good.
  7. Soros is an interesting character. When you hear stories about his meddling, the first instinct is to scream "conspiracy theory!" but it's all out in the open and he makes no secrecy of it himself.
  8. That's a false analogy. The Berlin wall got constructed by the East German government for the purpose to keep its own people in.
  9. It's a bit freaky that he actualy did it. I think as an American i would be a bit worried right now. He's certainly gonna try to mess shit up what with Reps winning the House and Senate aswell. I hope he doesn't let the religious zealots in his party go crazy for starters. In terms of world politics i actualy think he was the better of the two choices. I have hopes that he will end the emerging new cold war between Russia and the West. This whole development had me really worried about what Hillary was going to do.
  10. Hey, that's cool! Ramelle/Merderet was my first finished map ever, for a Call of Duty 1 mod. I added an additional railroad bridge back then because the single bridge in the center was too open and almost impossible to pass choke point.
  11. Check out the tuts on the Allegorithmic youtube channel first. I can highly recommend Rogelio Olguins Gnomon tutorial but it's not free.
  12. 2k textures is totally fine nowadays. For Insurgency as far as i remember we stuck with specs from Valve games so people can play it on same hardware and setting they are used to from other source games. That's perhaps the one thing you should consider if you're ok with people on old hardware having to adjust their texture settings only for your map. But if it's just for beauty and portfolio then go with it.
  13. If you don't show the graph someone will always request it. It's educational for others. Think of it like 3d artist showing wireframes.
  14. Crazy good Mark! I've added a couple Substances to my artstation recently that i haven't shown here:
  15. It's quite an interesting situation with this game. On the one hand it's most likely a big financial success for such a small team and their first game, on the other hand with the mediocre reviews and user backlash it's gonna be a tricky situation for whatever their next project is. I would say the best thing they could do is continue working on the game with some patches that add more gameplay and meaningful content and perhaps release an enhaced edition at some point.