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  1. She wanted to go balls deep
  2. Beck is saying you're desperate.
  3. Yeah well your face is a thread gone to shit
  4. lol found this ace from a while ago. Lady luck looking down upon me that round.
  5. I don't see it as their idea so not really their game. Just their money and name behind it.
  6. Portal was valve hiring the team behind it. l4d Turtle Rock, another hired team. Vavle sees something they like hire the team and loom in the background. They ain't done anything since TF2.
  7. Even though Mark is trolling he is right in a way.
  8. You could argue that Valve developed none of those games bar TF2.
  9. Cmon guys making games is easy what are you on about. Apart from the millions of pounds/dollars, man hours, staff, resources, years of your life, tears and sweat. Fucking game devs man. What do we know.
  10. What's the point of anything?
  11. I'd want to run it at max so I imagine mine would chug. Even markipliers game was chugging a lot at times and I doubt he has a little rig.
  12. So is this game a reboot or a sequel or what? It has a character at the end that even I know but makes no sense to me in the story arc of the games.