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  1. That is a rather interesting trailer I shall admit. Has certainly made me more interested in this new season.
  2. I was 21 when I was fat. I lost the weight around 24-25 but didn't start taking the gym seriously again until the past year. I'm 30 now. I've been fat, skinny and how I am now.
  3. If anyone feels demotivated I used to be fat and demotivated. Pick up a weight or some running shoes and get after it.
  4. Anything after T2 was a load of fucking assholes. So fed up with my favourite franchises getting rekt. Even with cameron involved I have no hope for it being good.
  5. Alien Covenant
  6. You'd make a great game reviewer with those snap judgements
  7. I wouldn't call it a diet. A diet is something you do for a period of time that I don't think is very beneficial in the long term. When people "diet" they will eventually come off of it, and they regain the weight because they go back to how they used to eat. Just change how you eat and what you eat and keep it that way. Eat whatever you want, just eat sensibly. You can have cake. Just not all of it. But if you do have all of it, work harder in the gym. Calories in calories out.
  8. Steam reviews for it are savage
  9. Yesp.
  10. But how do you know one of those isn't a mimic mimicking the not a mimic?
  11. My only complaint so far from a technical standpoint is the mouse acceleration that I can't turn off, not even in the .ini file. I was also surprised to learn this is running on cryengine.
  12. My friend asked me why I carry a gun around the house now. I said it is for the mimics. He laughed I laughed. The coffee cup laughed. I shot the coffee cup.
  13. Please don't cut a limb off. You're bad enough at finishing maps with two hands as it is.
  14. Ok can confirm it reminds me 100% of Bioshock, Half-Life, Portal, and System Shock 2. The first words you hear are the exact same tone as the Half-Life 1 tram ride. I'm still kinda salty that it isn't the space bounty hunter Prey we got teased with years ago but this so far is really good! I've already jumped out of my seat, that doesn't happen often.
  15. All I read is people saying that it reminds them of System Shock 2, Bioshock, and Half-Life and that it runs really well. So I bought it. I have paid 0 attention to this game but reading those reviews made me get it. LETS GO BABY.