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  1. So which one of you is trolling on their alt account then?
  2. This generation sucks balls.
  3. Why does it look so slow. Is it an FOV thing?
  4. No worries bro
  5. Does your penis still work? Does it burn when you pee? Nah? Ok you're fine.
  6. Hello QuakeWatch. This to me is not Quake.
  7. Buying something like this at launch is pretty risky in my opinion. It's very different and more than likely gonna have a lot of problems.
  8. Just to clarify I don't hate Relic or any Relic bro's on here regardless of what I say (maybe SEGA). I'm just frustrated at everything the games industry does these days.
  9. It certainly seems to be up there wit The Witcher 3 in terms of looks. Does it have any substance?
  10. Interest waned because no one can make a fucking good RTS anymore. "Oh no look no one plays RTS anymore we need to re invent the wheel" No you don't. Just make a good RTS and people will enjoy it again. This shit blows my mind. Look at Halo Wars. Fucking controller. What the fuck. I swear the majority of designers are pants on head retarded these days. Starcraft 2 was solid and still is. Its been out for a while now so of course it might not be as popular as it once was. What other RTS's are there? Warhammer Total DLC? Halo Controller Wars? Grey Goo was cool but no one paid any attention to it because I don't know. And why the fuck does Dawn of War suddenly need to be an Esport game? Jesus Christ just make it a good game. But apparently you need to mess up the art style and the game to fulfil your Starcraft 2 fantasy.
  11. No one else is commenting because the game just doesn't look that appealing
  12. Just doesn't look like 40k to me unfortunately, a high res starcraft 2 mod or something like that.
  13. Then stop being fucking Gandalf and go play the first you dutch pancake.