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  1. Nice, reminds of CoD level, cant remember which one....
  2. Soon......................
  3. Its needs more detail in the open places, see pic 8. Its too empty and the lightning too bland. But i guess you will come up with a solution
  4. Very nice work!!
  5. Looks like a solid start.
  6. http://www.3d-mike.com/
  7. De_Outer_Of_Out_of_the_Ferno
  8. Pimped :-)
  9. Not showing of your map on other sites, so ppl can review and play them....
  10. Shame :-( no pimpin' then......
  11. Any download links?
  12. Very nice work, will pimp it asap :-)
  13. Pimped :-)
  14. Nice and clean, but i guess thats a moonbase atmosphere :-), gonna pimp it.
  15. I like the atmoshpere and concept, but plz no more crates....