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  1. Congratz to everyone involved! Have to wait a few weeks until I can check it out, looking forward to it
  2. We're renting from https://www.cruisecanada.com/ It was all arranged via a local travel agency though (no prior experience with it, but this trip justifies it imo ). Rental cost is roughly 1850 € (damn you for making me look that up again, I had already forgotten about it). Didn't calculate fuel in advance, but I think it'll end up roughly between 200 € and 350 € or so. I should add that we're a party of four, so all costs are split into four naturally
  3. I told you recently I'm about to go there soon, so here's the planned route more or less. We're renting a camper van so it'll be basically a roadtrip with some occasional hiking in National Parks (Jasper & Banff) and other interesting places (Whistler & Wells Gray for example). If you're into hiking/nature then West-Canada is where you'll want to go. We're visiting Vancouver Island as well, but Google maps didn't let me add it to the route). Also, the big loop between Jasper and Banff isn't planned, it's just how Google calculated the route for some reason. As far as I know, it should be possible to get from one park to another by following the road that is between them (through the green parts). I could be wrong though
  4. Morfeo from The Specialists?
  5. de_junction
  6. Best CoD I ever played (granted, I didn't play much of them since the early days).
  7. Do they work both ways?
  8. I forgot to mention it is not at all confirmed. No idea if it's true, I guess it's not completely impossible, but that doesn't mean shit.
  9. http://counterstrike.wikia.com/wiki/Canals I like the changes to militia so far, even if I haven't had the chance to test them on a server yet. It's great Valve is updating less popular maps! Let's hope they're not quite done yet
  10. Large areas in the map being redered isn't caused by high up props. Horizontal hints are the way to go to optimise.
  11. Definately didn't see this one coming.
  12. Congratz, man! Really happy for you Morfeo rings a bell from the TS days!
  13. Your turn!
  14. Nope. The actress in the photo is Alice Eve if that is helpful (not that I know her, but someone might).
  15. Better?