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  1. Oh yeah! I remember Peris' stuff from his website, never knew it was meant for Payday 2 Looks very cool
  2. It's now on sale for 50%! I got my copy
  3. https://twitter.com/TrumpDraws
  4. What poLemin said. It happens with quite some textures from train iirc. Most of the time I'm in 3D Textured mode, so I don't really notice it anyway
  5. I could gaze at that panorama all day. Great work!
  6. How do you get 2 drops in 2 days? I haven't had a single one in 3-4 years, lol.
  7. Oscars 2017.
  8. Nice! If you're using it for Source, don't forget to grab Yanzl's PBR to Source shader in case you haven't already
  9. But @leplubodeslapin pretty much covered the solution for it. I'm not really sure what is a prop and what isn't in the picture, but "disable shadows - yes" would probably fix your issue (or at least improve the lighting).
  10. info_lighting is no longer supported in CSGO since the lighting and shader improvement update.
  11. Not so far. I'm gonna give Compile Pal another go. I like the automated buildcubemaps and other features
  12. I definately remember you and this map when you first posted it. It looked already very promising back then Congratz on the release! The layout seems really fun and overall it looks nice Even if you're not gonna touch it in the coming weeks, here is some feedback. Tone down the saturation of all the coloured plaster in your map. Softer colours work better. I would also get rid of some of the colour variations regarding the plaster, or at least group them together more in different areas of the map (but I'd go with lesser colours personally). In the picture below, you have 4 different colours going on (blue, yellow, red and green). Here is a comparison picture with toned down saturation on the coloured plaster. Note that I also toned down the red on the Vespa.
  13. Crates, as in the original. Only now, you need to buy a 2,2 € key to see if there's any ammo or hp in it
  14. No, it's not. Did you even read the article?