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  1. Large areas in the map being redered isn't caused by high up props. Horizontal hints are the way to go to optimise.
  2. Definately didn't see this one coming.
  3. Congratz, man! Really happy for you Morfeo rings a bell from the TS days!
  4. Your turn!
  5. Nope. The actress in the photo is Alice Eve if that is helpful (not that I know her, but someone might).
  6. Better?
  7. Thanks, Vaya
  8. Me in this thread:
  9. Cool runnings!
  10. Yes, and it was still the wrong answer, lol.
  11. A fistfull of dollars? [edit]Fuck, I always fail to see there are posts on a new page when I get excited because I think I know the answer
  12. You're talking about the ESL PRO leauge season 5, which is a league. Majors are Valve-sponsored events, which are tournaments.
  13. This. I would like to see a contest focused on anything but defuse maps. People will make these anyway and a contest would be a great opportunity to focus on other gamemodes.
  14. You've been showing a lot of nice compositions lately, but I really love this one! Great work Edit: what would maybe make it even better is if the silhouette of the gate was more prominent/focused on.
  15. My vote goes to 1024x1024 ... let's do some out of the box thinking for this one (pun intended)!