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  1. Oh so many theories now after that Efi news. Many people believe it to be a "spider-tank". I would love another tank class, and this would be pretty awesome:
  2. https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/blog/20580087 New hero on the horizon? Mechromancer? Athena? Doomfist? New omnic? Omg omg omg
  3. Fucking crap. Went to the burger place by my work on my lunch break. As i step out of the car guess who drives by me. Yes. She smiled and waved and i waved back, trying not to smile. Guess i need to move to another country to forget her
  4. Yeah, one day i think she is a bitch and all that stuff, next day, you are lonely and miss her like hell. The trick is to stay busy but its not easy. Movies almost all My stuff this weekend, that fit in My car and that i could carry myself. Being sad really makes me less lazy 😄. Something good!
  5. The last few days i have been thinking about it all, again. Trying not to but it gets me angry, and annoyed. Why the fuck is it so hard to just let it go? Even the mother of my kids was easier to let go than this. What is wrong with me? Anyway, all thoughts, i have not done anything, no texts or that shit. I got the keys to my new crib yesterday and i have started to move my stuff. Attic and basement storage is empty now and the kids room is almost empty too. Next saturday i will get help from some friends so i can move the heavy stuff! Feels really good to move, i hope it will help me think less about stuff. Like, just watching my bed today i can see her in it, memories haunting. They are nice memories but after a while i keep thinking of her being with that ugly ass husband of hers and it all starts to feel unfair. The phone call that fucked it all up and me not really knowing if she is lying or not. I just can't wait to get out of here, it's really killing me inside.
  6. http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/blog/20475356 Exciting!!! 3 full expansions! New hero! Make sure you craft the cards that are going to the hall of fame since you will get a full dust refund for them later!!
  7. Had a problem for some weeks now, my screen would turn black and then i got gfx errors. Only a hard reboot helped. So fucking annoying. Turns out, i had dust from half of sahara in my computer and for some reason i used a DVI adapter for my screen when i had a HDMI screen and HDMI on my gpu. So dusted out the comp and plugged in a HDMI cable and daayum turns out i could play even better with more FPS and HD resolution I would say that i can play all heroes, fairly well. I admit im not good with tracer but im starting to get better but fuck Sombra. I feel like she is impossible to master, you sneak in, hack some shit and start shooting only to die instantly. Nope i will stick to my Pharah <3. Played Lucio in a competative on Ilios. Nobody could kill anything and they had a pharah wrecking us. After 0-2 i asked politely if i could play pharah instead of healer. We won 3-2 thanks to a guy realizing he was not doing anything good with Soldier. I even shot down their pharah so many times he switched to McCree. Not trying to brag but my point is sometimes people have to talk and switch roles, change tactics. Games with people playing on their own (Hanzo mains) are often bound to be a loss. That's why i love playing between 2500-3000. I imagine it's even more fun over 3K.
  8. In the butt.
  9. Why facepalm, it's not like anything matters now. My point is that bitches be weird.
  10. Lol. Yeah maybe i come off as desperate. I got a text from that other girl who called when i was with the special one. I replied and talked some but then she said that she did not know why she wrote and that she needs to be alone. Wtf 😂
  11. Because i have been alone for many years after my ex left me, i never did want to be alone. I miss having someone to come home to. You know, i feel i have had enough time focusing on myself! I get What you mean but Im past that.
  12. Still nothing, which is nice. This time it's easier because i am really fed up with everything. I got info on my new apartment yesterday so looks like im moving next weekend already! I have no idea how im going to get it done in time but hell it will keep me occupied. New apartment and new beginnings right? I tried Tinder but fuck that shit, it is so shallow. Tried the pub here last friday, and met a girl i used to work with (7 years ago or so), she bought me a beer and told me to not leave when i was on my way home, and instead join them at their table. It was nice but nothing happened there, i think she was just being friendly which was nice! Anyhow, hope you guys have more luck
  13. Played on my phone on my lunch-break. Won agains this guy and i even tho i don't fully understand his saltyness it was kind of funny. i won a 3rd report. yay, where do i collect?
  14. Haha Pampers!!! More likely to see Episode 3 come out HL3
  15. So i did it. I ended it, this "friendship". I'm not sure today why she wanted to be friends but i guess it was to keep tabs on me or something. When she contacted me again she was all sweet and kind, as usually, and after 2-3 weeks the same thing happens. She was annoyed when i wrote or asked some question and said she did not want to socialize with anyone right now. So i was at work, thinking fuck, those mapcore dudes were so right. I did not feel good when i there was silence between me and her but i felt better. I guess her being an immature child and egoistic bastard helped alot but i just told her the truth. "You make me feel like shit, sorry but this friendship thing is not working." She said that i had to do what i had to do, and that she hoped i was not angry or disappointed in her. I told her i was because i do not think she has been truthful. "I never lied to you" she said, well boom shackalacka i replied "And i have not lied to you, but as you know words mean nothing apparantly. Sorry!" Fuck that shit. I finally had enough and boy it actually feels great. Not a happy ending (well maybe since i probably dodged a fat big bullet), but sometimes you have two choices in life, to keep fightning or to move on, and boy am i outta ammo right now. The motherfucking end! WUBALUBADUBDUB!