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  1. You and me @biXen :
  2. WOoo GZ Puddy!! Next time i visit my bro in Stockholm i will come over and poke you all! In the non gay way.
  3. @biXen , yes. I can relate to the family part. Being the last remainder of my family here it is pretty lonely. We never did have a normal family that keep in touch. All in all, that is a bad factor for when you finally meet someone. Having been lonely for so long you get terrified of loosing your new found warmth. Also i am jim carrey from dumb and dumber when i am with women. Once a girl i was on a date with asked me if i wasnt freezing when we sat in her sofa. She pulled out a blanket and i thought , fuck its like a sauna in here is she crazy. i did not realize my mistake until the very next day...
  4. Haha,. nothing new. Small-talk and i try not to write alot, i think i've gotten to the point where i am just sick of it all and can't find a single fuck to give. To be continued.
  5. So, we have spoken and i told her alot of stuff. She said let's just be friends, and i said sure. Don't come crying when i meet someone, and she promised not to (this time). Told her i've waited over a year and i cannot keep waiting anymore. So that's it, it's over! Feels kind of good, now i can start dating others without hoping and thinking im doing the wrong thing. I totally gotta get laid.
  6. Cool videos, i Think that Rey is a Kenobi, i bet we will see a Kenobi anthology movie efter the Han-Solo one, showing us Reys past. Hell , Ewan McGregor is at a perfect age for it now.
  7. I miss the Ole Mccree. Before the nerf..
  8. Happy New Year you wonderful bastards!
  9. To be fair i was drunk christmas eve.. oh well. Im sorry im letting you guys down
  10. I wrote "Merry Christmas" to her on christmas eve. And she said the same, nothing more than that. Felt kind of good even tho i was going to ignore. Im a bitch. 3 Days later i post a pizza on instagram that my kids and i made, and she wrote "That pizza looks good". And now we are talking again. What is happening. What have i done?!
  11. Nooo Carrie Fisher , may the force be with you.
  12. Stay alive, find love. Easy as pie.
  13. Middle of a competative game, suddenly im kicked out into the menus? Click Re-Join match and nothing happens. So restart game quick, boom. Suspended. What tha fuck happened???
  14. So, christmas eve here tomorrow. I don't think she will, but, if she writes merry x-mas or something, i should just not reply right? Right guys?
  15. Lol! It is one for the movies i tell you. haha. Always missed: MrH2o. <3