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  1. I'm still loving it, more than ever, not a massive fan of all the Phara play right now, shes so frustrating O.o, mostly because I play Torb and Lucio a lot, anyhoo, this happened a few mins ago, Torbs my main, and my win rate on him is nuts, like 70% (yes I only play quickplay, maybe that's why im just enjoying it so much :P)
  2. Fellow level designers, welcome to Sandy Shores ... I've been slapping together this park for the past month, it's basically level design Planet Coaster is amazing, my game of last year for sure,
  3. Looks fun, but IMO the camera is shaking around a bit too much
  4. Planet Coaster, I'm addicted, check out my park
  5. Yep, but to be fair, with the Crysis games we never set out with a mission statement for failure, and in 3 we removed QTE's due to feedback from 2.
  6. A game that puts it's primary focus on graphics and technology, full of QTE moments and button bashing that requires little intelligence, cinematics that chew out more man hours than the actual gameplay and sub par storytelling even when it is the focus. The designers couldn't even move a crate or vase because the artists where so empowered lol. (I'm not even blaming them) This has actually confirmed the obvious to me, not that I needed convincing but it can work as a useful warning to other developers who put together new teams and have to set priorities
  7. I've tried hard, gone to a shrink and even spent a year trying to invent a time machine to remove any remnant of a memory for working on this game (ok it was only 3 months but still), I even gave away my free xbone and project signed disc, even tried to get my name removed from the credits (didn't really deserve it anyway) but the producer noticed I was missing and added me, I'm not even kidding It's everything I hate about a "game" like this. Rome was a good idea though, but that's about where it ends. Wish I could go into details, but there where a lot of talented people put in very stupid situations. D:
  8. Oh man, Roger Deakins is the DP for this, looked like his style from the trailer, I'm hyped just for this reason, if anyone doubt's it'll look amazing, little chance now From what I hear this has a hell of a cast, so unless the story and characters suck, it should be a winner.
  9. Probably a little over saturated that's for sure Who knows what the final grade will be anyhoo. I'm hyped for this for some reason.
  10. I see orange and red, am I missing something? The ony shot that could resemble blorange that I see is more bleach bypass D: I think it looks classy as feck.
  11. Overwatch and planetcoaster for me
  12. Definitely Mass Effect (1) it's so hard to end a grand adventure on a galactic scale, but they pulled it off, sure the Saren boss fight wasn't amazing, but they pulled the pieces together masterfully, I really respect a game that ends well, shows they really care about people who invest in the game (since we all know most players don't even get to the end) but that mentality hurts the people who care the most, which is why I tut every time i hear it being thrown around
  13. You know, the super moon isn't that much bigger, and in terms of brightness any stand alone camera can compensate for the difference, you can shoot the moon at any time of year and get just as good (or better) results, it's all about having a long lens (200-300mm+) and framing something other than just the moon to give scale. I missed the supermoon because of cloudy weather, but then i researched it and felt better so fret not, just shoot the moon with the right gear!
  14. yeah it's so awesome how that area worked, throws a wrench in the game, and it needed it, mid game, it's time for a change
  15. Digging this