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  1. The game gets better and better I must say, kind of reminds me of Inquisition, after the first planet it starts quite overwhelming and the pacing soon drops off a bit, but once you get your head around the journal and optimizing your tasks for each area it flows quite nicely. Ignoring the technical issues I'm confident in saying I prefer it to Mass Effect 3. Must admit, some of the best times I've had with it so far are the emails from various team members, really well written. I'll probably type up something more substantial once I've completed it a few times, it is after all my favorite single player IP. Oh and the soundtrack is actually better than I thought, the Spotify album is just a bit weak and missing some of the better tracks, typical.
  2. Coming to PC is a good thing, might actually give it shot this time.
  3. Actually really excited for that, enjoyed the first one, it's actually the only game of it's type I could enjoy, might of been the setting, was just cool. Oh and she was a photographer, that's probably a part of it
  4. Yeah perhaps, worth seeing if changing the floor tiles to something else would improve it, they feel a bit like kitchen floor tiles to me. Even wood might work better. Concrete can be awesome, I remember Novaria in Mass Effect had a kick ass commercial industrial concrete style. I guess this all depends how far down the arty direction you want to go. One thing is for sure, concrete rocks in the right hands. If your goal is to have it not look well maintained, the plants needs to be dead or getting close to it, any well maintained plants go against the feeling of neglect. Opening up a few of the ceiling tiles and having some cables dropping out is a classic way to make it look a bit messed up. Could also try cracking a floor tile or two nearer the walls, or even remove one and have a replacement put in that doesn't match the color perfectly. An out of order vending machine comes to mind also. The devils in the details, but they matter if your trying to tell a story in a small scene like this.
  5. I really like the concrete walls, might want to experiment with adding more for a more unified interior design.
  6. I like the Zigzags, not easy to do!
  7. I'm enjoying it a lot, just picked it up though, I waited for some patches and I'm glad I did.
  8. Great photos all, took this a while back, it's a lake near where I live.
  9. A bunch of mine will be because of a cool cinematography trick, like these Next, I particularly love the transition from once scene to another, where the camera follows the luggage into the sorting room at the end, it completes the first scene (people are writing names on the luggage, very powerful conclusion of one story into another. Next, at 1:44 + the shot the Nazgul's walking through the door from the side, with the man terrified is incredible! If you needed convincing they are terrifying, that shot cements it. Finally, using light and music to tell the story, in Close Encounters
  10. My gowd, I've literally played ME1 12 or 13 times ....safe to say I like it, a lot ...
  11. Live like a pig for a while it's worth it. If you're in another industry and higher up the chain but want to change, save some money up for the inevitable pay slash. It'll return eventually and with a bit of luck you're enjoying life more.
  12. Lots of useful things, I cover a lot in the videos. Experience and time is everything though, being overly prepared isn't that useful from my experience, just get stuck in.
  13. Hey - I made a video series, 5 hours long with commentary for making a map for UT, hopefully it is helpful. I don't cover the art pas though, just first pass design
  14. I'm still loving it, more than ever, not a massive fan of all the Phara play right now, shes so frustrating O.o, mostly because I play Torb and Lucio a lot, anyhoo, this happened a few mins ago, Torbs my main, and my win rate on him is nuts, like 70% (yes I only play quickplay, maybe that's why im just enjoying it so much :P)
  15. Fellow level designers, welcome to Sandy Shores ... I've been slapping together this park for the past month, it's basically level design Planet Coaster is amazing, my game of last year for sure,