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  1. Finally got around to watching this, highly recommended, a new favorite
  2. That's some good shit right there son
  3. Guys... guys... stop bumping this thread... I beg you..
  4. Great entries, this was a fun one to watch! Congrats to the winners and everyone who participated
  5. That sounds awesome, will be sure to catch it
  6. The more I look at the Mario Odyssey trailer the more I'm convinced that a lot of what's shown there is still pretty early, in blockout stage. Maybe they had to scramble to put together something for the reveal? Some areas look like just a colorized level design blockout. If that's the case it's the first time (that I remember of) that we can take a peek at their art process I trust this game will look amazing when it comes out!
  7. Can we please just ban shield guys from singleplayer games
  8. insta should just make HL3 by himself!
  9. Btw, I found that the game feels a lot more correct in fullscreen mode instead of widescreen. Widescreen basically crops the screen vertically o__O
  10. PS4 but it's out on every platform I think.
  11. Mapcore Reunion 2017 plz!
  12. I'm finally playing the Resident Evil 1 remake, why didn't I play this before? The cool thing is that I don't remember anything from the first game at all (I barely played it back then), so I'm pretty much playing it for the first time, figuring shit out as I go. Feels good to feel the same tension that I felt when I played the original ones back then... everything in this game is so fucking lethal!
  13. BM is a badass