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  1. Wow, that's a tragedy. Anyone knows what happened? RIP Paul
  2. While everyone is distracted fighting each other, they are just going to shove another bill down everyone's throat without having any input from the population. So much for democracy
  3. Looks legit
  4. The NUtty professor
  5. So much hate Looks interesting, hey, at least they are chasing their vision!
  6. Looking forward to this, hopefully it won't feel as formulaic as every other Marvel movie.
  7. wooo congrats man
  8. Yes
  9. Something easy this time
  10. The Big Short~
  11. We play it here at the office sometimes, I like it but I get tired very quickly. The weapons feel a bit soft and lack power, both in terms of damage and feeling. It's a really awesome game with a bright future with some tweaks, and the level editor seems pretty sick too!
  12. Looks sick indeed, very readable and pretty! I tried a bunch of times to achieve that kind of indirect lighting but could never really pull it off
  13. Shit, sorry about your loss Sprony Try to focus on all the good moments you and him had together, being thankful for each one of them. It will help to ease your pain, and your good thoughts could help him in whatever new journeys he might be facing now!
  14. What a fucking epic night
  15. Here's a lesson: Keep in mind that you are pretty much a beta tester if you buy a console at launch