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  1. gibhaaaaaard
  2. Yeah, like Alex said, a psychotherapist/psychologist is someone who will help you on a psychological level. A psychiatrist on the other hand is someone who will prescribe you pills. Each have radically different approaches, even though the name is almost the same.
  3. FY_Pool_Day spanish edition Looks like a solid start! The scale is a bit off though, the plants could be scaled down by 50% or so to give the scene a much better sense of scale!
  4. Yeah man, the situation is not getting any better after all this time, it's time for professional help... Everyone should try psychotherapy at least once in their lives. You'd be surprised at all the pattern behaviors we have no idea we have that hold us back
  5. Well she's clearly confused too otherwise she wouldn't let go of you. If you two keep getting drawn to each other it won't help to shut it off, one day the feelings will inevitably erupt and maybe not in a good way. Could it be that you are overthinking the situation, reading too much into it, trying to control it too much? If there's one trait that women appreciate in men is confidence, and judging from your last posts you might be coming across as the complete opposite: clingy, insecure and unstable. Being confident is not something that you just decide to do overnight, it's a change of attitude that emerges out of knowing yourself well, after doing a lot of "soul searching", internal work that brings unconscious patterns to awareness. it takes a lot of time! Also pay attention to what frequency you set your mind. If you are constantly angry and anxious, that's the kind of situation that you will attract. Who the fuck am I to give advice to anyone, and I even joked about not following anyone's advices, but if I was in your place I'd take the long game in this situation. Resume your life, keep healthy habits, READ a shit ton, look for any information that might shed light into this situation and the most important thing you can learn is to love yourself first. You are never going to have a happy relationship if your happiness depends on others. The Buddah said that the root of all suffering is attachment. This is my opinion of course, but everything happens the way they had to. If this is happening to you now, take it as an opportunity to get stronger, evolve and get rid of the traits that don't serve you anymore! In a few years you will look back at this time in your life and realize how much you grew from all these experiences, and even if you are not together with this girl, you will feel thankful for all the positive changes she caused in you. Here's a good place with tons of really good information, you just have to search a bit: https://www.psychologytoday.com/ Here's something that might help you understand some of her behaviors, and yours too: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/compassion-matters/201307/how-your-attachment-style-impacts-your-relationship If nothing else helps, psychotherapy could help!
  6. Those are books that I read in the past 3 years or so, some of them were audiobooks that I listened at work Sprony: Though I haven't read A Scanner Darkly, I think that's the movie that captures his work the best imo. At least the feeling of what it is like to read one of his novels. By the way, here's a really cool series that talks about a bunch of sci-fi authors (Philip K, Heinlein, Arthur C Clarke, Asimov, etc...) and their major works: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2091018/
  7. haha don't follow anyone's advice (specially not dux's), only you know what's better for you!!!
  8. Man, Sirens of Titan is the only book that has ever made my cry. Not that it's sad or anything, just plain beautiful And here's a funny trivia: Apparently Vonnegut wrote the whole storyline in one night.
  9. Played a few matches yesterday, still too early to judge but here are my first impressions First, let's get the bad stuff out of the way. First thing that caught my eye is how small the characters seem, it could be just me but there's something off about the scale that makes the game feel more like UT than Quake. They look tiny compared to the maps. Here's a list of minor annoyances that hopefully will get improved in the future: Getting in a match takes forever... too much preparation and too many cutscenes... just drop me in the game! The music is really awful... is it just piano notes? Respawning feels weird, it needs to be as snappy as Quake 3's Too much F2P stuff cluttering the UI. Now the good stuff: The game is fun and the shooting feels solid! Love the taunts, specially Slasher's. "I hate being in the receiving end". lol The character models look dope. I'll be playing more, but I like what I played so far
  10. What a fucking clown
  11. Here's some stuff I've read/listened to recently that I enjoyed quite a bit, mostly sci-fi classics: And slowly going through this monster of an audiobook (it's over 50 hours long of pure madness but it's interesting as fuck if you like Philip K Dick)
  12. Oh yeah Fortress is an awesome movie, I remember watching it when I was kid and the ending shocked me haha Gotta rewatch it
  13. I might be pick this up only to appreciate the art, not sure if the gameplay is my cup of tea, but damn does this game look good!