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  1. I got to play some Zelda on Wii U at E3 last year and it was perfectly fine, except I still am not in love with the tablet controller. I guess I'll get used to it because I don't expect to get a Switch at launch just for Zelda. (Unless I can convince Nintendo Analyst Relations dept to send me one. HA!) I'm a little worried too about the Mario but having not played it I can't say for sure. Does feel like "whaaaaa???" That said, my first reaction to seeing Super Mario Galaxy was "whaaa?" and then I played it and thought "ohhhhhhhhh now I get it." Anyone else think ARMS might actually not be terrible?
  2. I might this year. Have a big client meeting in SF right before so wtf why not?
  3. This is still a thread?
  4. Finally saw it tonight....just been so busy. Agree with Dux above. I can barely remember any characters' names.
  5. As I told Mo, That audio!!! And the level design!!! Not that I am surprised knowing you guys :-) Sorry that EA shipped it between BF1 and CoD:IW releases. TF2 is definitely my favorite shooter this season so I hope it builds more momentum. Spread the word! SIDEBAR: the collective of all 3 of these games has exceeded my expectations thus far.
  6. Thems was the days by garr!
  7. You may feel otherwise and that's fine but tentatively this: ...tentatively because this is simply based on how much I liked the first game. Trailer drops Thursday so all we have is an announcement and a poster so maybe I'm jumping the gun. I hope not!
  8. I dunno...I tried and disliked every MGS game until MGS V which is now one of my favorite games of this generation. I still play it a little each week on PS4. MG Survive...I am cautiously optimistic...probably because I like MGSV so much.
  9. 2005. No blue tooth. No USB. No NAV. But them seats...
  10. Thanks. Had my prior car, Volvo S40 T5 6speed, for 11 years so I was due. I have driven manual all my life. No cost difference for manual vs. basic auto in all 3 series (no, didn't get the M3 sadly.) Thing about manual transmission in California is that there is very little inventory. I had to custom order mine...oddly I got a better deal on that vs. any manual 3-series I could find in my region that weren't quite right anyway.
  11. That is fucking was. Reads like Game of Thrones.
  12. Your move, Texas.