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  1. Chris, you are having too much fun
  2. For simplicity's sake, think of the creation of a level to be 50% design and 50% environment art. It's two different disciplines working together. But they are not the same, because the people working in them have different goals and priorities. So you already got the 2nd half covered, which means that you can take a whitebox to a finished state by yourself - which is great as you won't need to rely on someone else to polish the visuals. But you cannot expect people to believe you that you got the first half of the process covered, because, well, it is a different thing. So it is time to start designing some levels, release them for people to play and be ready to explain why you made certain decisions when you encountered certain problems. The presentation of a portfolio is a topic by itself, but if you dig around you will find that we have resources on this as well. Good luck!
  3. I don't get it? I wouldn't mind trying it. Could be fun.
  4. I feel the exact opposite about it. The game might be about the clash of different universe but stylized Super Mario in that realistic urban just looks so wrong to me. Like a fan project.
  5. I purchased flight tickets to go to NYC end of March. I've never been to the city (first time to the US East Coast for me actually). Any MapCorians who are living there and want to hang out, hit me up!
  6. I thought it was exciting, epic and emotional. Couldn't ask for more!
  7. I hear ya! Welcome back!
  8. I have spent 45 hours playing Battlefield 1 thus far and it is only getting more fun. One question about something that still puzzles me: tiny atmospheric flames on the ground that set me aflame within split-seconds when walking across them. So annoying. Why is that still a thing?
  9. Tisky, how about finding a different girl and actually having a good time instead of posting snaps trying to get her attention? That shit is weak. She is still having control over you. How likely is it really that she is going to leave you for her rich partner? I believe you when you say that you are more fun than him but financial stability has a strong pull on women especially when they reach a certain age. From my experience, when a girl tells you to "see other girls", she is not testing you to find out if you really want her more than other girls but instead she literally means: "This was a fling. It is over. I am not who/what you are looking for". What is not weak IMO is saying hi to her when you bump into her on the street. I wouldn't recommend to you to stay friends with her, because I can never do that when a girl breaks up with me myself. But keep some composure. I know you have heard this a thousand times probably but you need to meet other girls and you will soon find that this won't only take your mind off her but that you can have a great connection to other nice(er) ladies as well. Also, keep your chin up, mate!
  10. No, I haven't. The last Marvel adaption I saw was Avengers 2 - scratch that, it was "Deadpool". But only because that one seemed to stick out from the superhero movie avalanche that only seems to be getting bigger over the past 2 years. If you're still getting excited over seeing Iron Man on the screen for the 12th time, that's cool. I've just grown tired of it comparetively quickly...
  11. What is this? "Spiderman goes to High School: The Movie"? I thought "The Amazing Spiderman" movies were bad enough. R.I.P Spidey.
  12. Welcome! Feel free to post a thread in this section for better exposure (one of our moderators will approve it shortly after).
  13. Great job, Puddy!