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  1. And that's OK! Star Citizen is its own kind of beast entirely. CR wants to do a bunch of things haven't been done before and people love/hate/call him crazy for it. I'm not a system designer, so from a game mechanics perspective I cannot tell you why there is insurance (a sink for in-game currency could be one of them), but if you're interested in finding out more on why there is perma-death in the game at all, you can read about it here: Insurance FAQ:
  2. Yes, to my knowledge, there is going to be such a thing as perma-death for ships. It is unlikely, but basically, if you buy a ship and don't have the petty cash of in-game currency to pay for the insurance (and ignore all warnings and still fly without one) then, yes, you will lose it forever upon destruction.
  3. Stop it Helder, you're going to make me a buy a Switch...
  4. That's just a decal.
  5. I wasn't talking about the template tile-set (walls, floors etc.), which is the most granular type of modularity that we have (didn't know that you designed that - high five! ). If you think of a room as a module that gets connected to other modules to create layout variations, players will traverse through some specific modules frequently (like hubs for example). The immersion breaks. So we are trying add variation to individual modules without creating numerous bespoke modules. Splitting modules into sub-modules and mixing-matching them is a layer on top that can help to break the repetition with less burden on content creation. Like I said, this is still early days and maybe we'll add more procedural stuff to the mix in the future, but the handcrafted environments have set a quality bar that we shouldn't deviate too far from. EDIT: I just realize I might have misread your question and you literally just wanted to know what has changed to the tileset. I wasn't around at the time you left, so sadly I have no reference. In the 7 months I have been working here, it has stayed pretty much the same though.
  6. Pretty much what Todd and Andreas are talking about in the video. These days I focus on the modularity system itself in an interdisciplinary team. Deciding rules and workflows, prototyping stuff like modularity within modules (not just connecting modules but an additional layer of "swapping out parts of rooms") which you can see here: I have also been working on the cargo station archetype that is coming a little further down the line than the truck stop. Oh and you don't have to spend a lot of cash on a Constellation Andromeda to be flying. 45$ and you can get into a cockpit (or just wait for the next free weekend)!
  7. The latest "Around The Verse" has a segment on how we approach the design of the many many locations for Star Citizen's persistent universe. It's still early days, but I think some of you might find it interesting
  8. There is a template level that contains metrics which you should keep in mind when blocking out the level - definitely check that out. Get familiar with all the weapons, items and movements (if you aren't aware already) by watching this youtube channel for instance: Analyze official/popular maps to find out what kind of layout makes a good UT level. Think about what design element of your level brings something new to the mix of levels that are already out there.
  9. HTC Vive commercial?!?
  10. 1. I also miss Leslie 2. "Eastern Promises"?
  11. I played a match today where I played Reinhardt and at the end had the most eliminations on my team. Have a guess which team lost.
  12. Yea...probably gonna skip this one