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  1. Yeah, from what they showed then Mario Odyssey looks a bit messy in terms of style, seems a bit incoherent (Getting a Sonic Adventure 1 vibe from it). Maybe it'll be great, but the new Zelda being a launch title sealed the deal for me on getting a Switch.
  2. Still not entirely sure whether I think The Last of Us needed a sequel, but I absolutely trust that Naughty Dog will nail it, so far they haven't disappointed. Looks great so far.
  3. Snagged Best Art Direction and Best Independent Game at the Game Awards, preeeetty cool Plus it's on sale right now on all platforms, so you're crazy if you don't get it now
  4. Gorgeous and weird as fuck, definitely a Kojima game. Gonna be interesting to see what the hell it'll end up being
  6. Apropos soundtrack then I love this shit: Also really hyped for tomorrow, hope my shitty PC at home can handle it
  7. Makes pretty good sense to merge handheld and home consoles into one, looks like it'll be pretty good for party games and such plus you'll get them sweet 1st party Nintendo games. Gonna be interesting to see what kinda specs it has, but I guess that's not the point
  8. Well based on how lucrative GTA Online has been then they've got to be doubling down on multiplayer more than ever, but it's great that it sounds like they're still dedicated to their singleplayer. I played over 200 hours of GTAO combined and probably close to that in the original RDR, but I still prefer these types of games in singleplayer, especially RDR.
  9. Guess we should make a new thread Thursday can't come soon enough!
  10. YISH! Coming out next year! (hmm yeah right :D) Trailer on Thursday!
  11. !!!! 7 playable characters maybe? Like the 3 in GTA V
  12. I guess that explains why they didn't send out early review copies . From what I've seen and read so far it also sounds like the core mechanics and feel of it is pretty rough, really too bad since I quite like the period and setting.
  13. Grats on the release Martin! Kinda in the mood for a Gears game nowadays (especially some Horde mode business!) Currently this is next on the backlog after Deus Ex and Forza