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  1. Played and completed it back in 2014. Absolutely gorgeous game, but in terms of gameplay and narrative I found it to be rather underwhelming. I'm all for games that emphasizes and rely more heavily on their story, but The Vanishing of Ethan Carter got progressively more uninteresting for me the closer it got to the end, with the conclusion being somewhat disappointing. The "figure out what the hell happened here" gameplay setups work quite well in the first few instances, but it feels like it's something that only got properly polished in the early parts of the game. Still think it's worth trying for the visuals alone, which I bet still hold up quite well even today.
  2. As long as they just make it a lot harder in the later parts of the game then I'd almost be content with more of the same, but it does sound like they're mixing it up in some good ways (dem Nemesis Fortresses sound interesting, if they do indeed adapt based on your playstyle)
  3. Got one preordered, Friday can't come soon enough!~
  4. This one always got me, lulz
  5. Been playing Solitairica on iPhone....A LOT (pretty much only play phone games these crunch filled days, except for Overwatch once in a while). Absolutely love this game, and I've never really cared about regular Solitaire at all. It's basically using Solitaire rules but with some RPG hooks and special powers, crazy addictive stuff once you get the hang of it
  6. Wish I was going Have fun guys~~
  7. @Sprony Pretty much what HP said. I've just dug all the behind the scenes stuff I've seen that Danny O'Dwyer has made (did a bunch of them for Gamespot before he left; Overwatch, Witcher 3 etc.). He seems like a cool and talented dude, but apart from that then his documentaries has a level of access and focus that even few "official" behind the scene documentaries of games have.
  8. Yeah, his Doom documentary was fantastic. Love that he's doubled down on this, the world needs more good video game documentaries.
  9. Yeah, from what they showed then Mario Odyssey looks a bit messy in terms of style, seems a bit incoherent (Getting a Sonic Adventure 1 vibe from it). Maybe it'll be great, but the new Zelda being a launch title sealed the deal for me on getting a Switch.
  10. Still not entirely sure whether I think The Last of Us needed a sequel, but I absolutely trust that Naughty Dog will nail it, so far they haven't disappointed. Looks great so far.
  11. Snagged Best Art Direction and Best Independent Game at the Game Awards, preeeetty cool Plus it's on sale right now on all platforms, so you're crazy if you don't get it now
  12. Gorgeous and weird as fuck, definitely a Kojima game. Gonna be interesting to see what the hell it'll end up being