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    Keywords for this WIP: Moncontour, Locronan, Saint-Suliac Un grand salut à tous les amis Bretons de mapcore @leplubodeslapin, @3Dnj, @laminutederire, @Corwin
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    You could try removing the big red lines, they just seem a bit incongruous with the overall theme. Other than that I think it looks very nice.
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    Working on a scene from the original mirror's edge in ue4
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    It's so much fun to make gross substances. Experiment with different input:
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    I feld like I had to make maps that have a logic and realistic theme but thinking more about CS:GO and the objectives like blowing up foodcrates and a statues and so ever I am more like **** it. So I decided to make something I like making myself (maybe I should have done that from the start), which is abit of a surreal enviorment. It will be a lost Castle in the forrest being taken over by nature. I thought of the mapname de_acquisition but idk if that's a fitting name really, but not important for now!
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    Decided to go back to rework and hopefully release my old Asylum project!
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    Made a radar image Scheduled a playtest on 23rd Apart from clipping and optimization touchups the map should be pretty much done.
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    Pretty early screenshot of the project I'm remaking right now. Guess what it is? Correct, Train 2 I mean... Riverside.
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    Random stuff I am working on, need to redo the rock texture....but man, I'm diggin messing around with hand painted stuff. EDIT: I ported it into source for shits and giggles...
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    V2 is out! - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=875459535 I've tried a little more on smoothing out and streamlining some areas to hopefully make a more focused and perhaps less confusing map than v1. As always, feedback is welcome! Heres the two radar images like before. (I haven't figured out how to do nice ones yet) Here's some other screens.
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    By no means anything special. I'm just happy I managed to texture a model entirely in SD. One year ago I could barely make and texture a cube. The prospect of where I'll be in another year from now excites me
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    This is one half of my Diablo esc room for my university project (now with modular assets in) just need a second art pass on it now (all feedback would be apricated)
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    I found someone to collaborate with me :D. Things are getting started
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    Designer choice. hope you guys dig it.
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    Old version of Valley. New version incoming but real life comes first
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    basketball.rar made you a prop, make it happen. also, bobs burgers update!
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    A lost Castle in the midle of the Forrest have been taken over by growing plants and tree's. EDIT: Ready for a playtest! Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=890352461
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    Oh man, all this marvellous Substance Designer stuff here, that's really nice. I can contribute a SciFi trim sheet as my first posting here. It's baked from a high poly created in Blender and textured in Substance Painter.
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    WIP of map 03 from HL2EP2 Mod Aurora: Reinstated
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    It's been a long time coming, but I finally got the keys to my newly build house. So I didn't purchase it recently, but it is the most expensive thing I ever purchased
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    i remade an old map of mine i also just wanted some practice this is playable, but im uploading it to the workshop later
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    looks good, but don't try to spread all the trees out evenly like that, cluster some of them together, open up some areas
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    Hey guys, I recently got permission from @cashed to remake his DoD: Source map "Schlag" for Day of Infamy. I thought I'd make a thread to track the progress of the map. Certain parts of the original map are inspired by Carentan (atleast I think they are). You can find the original map here: http://gamebanana.com/maps/129734 Not much is done so far, but I've got what I think is a decent adaptation of the layout for Day of Infamy's gameplay (a starting point at least). Right now I'm focusing on opening things up, based on the type of gameplay you tend to get in a standard Day of Infamy map. The main game-mode I'm focusing on is Liberation. I do plan to support Co-op and Frontline as well. Design-wise I'm going for something similar to the map "Crete" with 3 control points around 150ish meters away. I like the idea of all cap points being roughly in the middle of the map so nothing is given for "free" and everything can be contested. The biggest thing that worries me about the layout in Day of Infamy are the air/arty strikes from officers. I think one solution might be to make more houses able to be entered, but this will probably have to be playtested. Of course I still haven't placed cover on any of the cap points or in between the points, but you gotta start somewhere Screens below: It's very large and barren at the moment, but I'm trying to keep it that way so I can be more deliberate with the cover placement/sightlines etc.
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    Definately didn't see this one coming.
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    Just wanted to share the progress on the Riverside Remake I'm currently working on. The map is not up for download just yet, still need to add some clipping, lights, nice ass brushes and props. probably next week you'll get a download link to test map out as much as you like Have some pictures btw I'm removing these pathways, they actually look like shit
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    I completely forgot how amazing you guys were when I posted this here 3,5 years ago. It immediately brought a smile to my face. But guess what? If you've noticed I changed this topic's title, then you should know by now. It's time for the sequel, it's time for part 2 and like @Izuno said, it's time for the rest of my life. We visited the hospital, had our 3 month check up and everything is fine. In short, I'm going to be a dad again in 6 months (if all goes well). Since we can't get children the natural way, I know exactly when this one was conceived. We started this year, January 1st, in the best way possible by successfully initiating this pregnancy. I will forever be grateful for modern science! I can't wait to see what kind of reign of terror this one will bring
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    Hey guys, my latest arms race / deathmatch / aim map for CS:GO is finally done and can be downloaded from the Steam Workshop. I've teamed up with Stefan "Neahc" Irmler to create a small arena map with 3D scanned meshes. He made all trees and hunted down some really nice rocks in the Harz Mountains. I've retopologized, baked and color tweaked the rocks (removed some direct lighting here and there and matched their hue and brightness). Neahc also created the terrain textures and was able to set up a blend material for displacements to blend between four different texture sets on one displacement patch, which is the farthest you can get with ye good ol' Source engine. The map itself was done be me. I've also modeled two simple sets for the ruins and the large pipes. Of course there's always something I want to add, but I decided to finalize this level now and work on a new project (probably UT4), before it looks too dated to show here. If you like this map, you might want to check out my other two CS:GO maps (ar_chess and de_cliffside) as well.
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    I grew up with a lot of pets, including 6 cats and a dog. I mourned their passing and even at my young age, I understood the grief. But it was different for my mother. Most of our cats reached a remarkable old age (around 20 years). But with each passing, I saw a bit of my mother die as well. Raised in a world where men are not supposed to cry and the loss of a pet is often easily dismissed, I never understood why until now. After almost 16 years I had to end the life of my beloved cat Micio. My furry little friend had defied all odds, cheated death numerous times and surprised even the most seasoned vets with his recoveries and will to live. As long as he could live happy and without pain, I didn't care how much money it costed or how much I had to clean up after him. But this time, there was no cure or remedy and even while holding his paw when he got the final shot, he was still fighting to live and his gaze went right through me. He's been with me since late 2001. That's almost half my life. I've played games, read books and watched countless movies with him. Petting him and enjoying each other's company or taking care of him when he was sick again. I knew this day was coming, but I could have never imagined how much it would hurt. His brothers couldn't say goodbye and are still looking for him. My daughter, who was there, doesn't understand and keeps asking me when he will back. I remember my mother and now I finally understand that I lost a part of my soul forever.
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    Man, I should post more in here. It would motivate me to take more pics too. Heres a shot I took a few weeks ago, I'll post more soon. Big Bear Lake, Island Canon EOS 6D EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM 28mm/ƒ/5.6/1/640s/ISO 320
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    Thanks for testing everyone Somebody asked about lighting. Here's some screenshots of what I tried so far That last pic is from yesterdays playtest, but I've increased the sun angle a bit since. The reason I chose this over the second pic is shadow advantage for CTs. Other changes: Breakable window on B short is now not breakable CT spawn had some room for optimization but T is as good as it gets Added some wires hanging throughout the map Fixed bombstuck and floating barrel at mid Fixed some clipping and loose nodraws, hopefully more when I get chat transcript or demo Added glowsticks at the bottom of A site elevator shaft. The last thing to do left is soundscapes.
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    Heya! Just wanted to share this quick side-project I did this and the last week just to checkout the Reflex Arena editor. It's a simple FFA-map with this long slope with a teleport at the bottom reaching to the top, jumppads leading all over the place and meant to be used for Rocket Launcher and Bolt Rifle* practise. Wanted to make something small before considering whether I want to give a map with a more competitive compatibly layout. ** In Quake terms that's the Rail gun. Steam Workshop Link Topdown Screenshots
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    Welcome to a completely remastered version of the super popular cp_orange_x3! This is a, from the ground up, remake of the map featuring completely overhauled visuals as well as optimizations and gameplay tweaks. You can find the map on the workshop here http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=454119288 And if you're too lazy to click links, here are some pictures!
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    I imagine its not common to see Doom 2 levels here. I released the level here. It has some specific setup to play it as it is intended to be played. https:[email protected]/doom2-redemption-of-the-slain-full-release-and-download Here is a Video of me playing through the level on Ultra Violence with 100% secrets and under par time.
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    Hey! I'm a Level Designer at Behaviour Interactive since november 2016. Add me in! Behaviour Interactive Website: http://bhvr.com/ Jérôme ''tr0nic'' Cyr - Level Designer
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    Finally finished the kitchen counter! so many little pieces.
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    That's the one, thanks. Here's your reward:
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    I think it's cool that they're trying something different. A most layouts seem way too formulaic lately
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    keep it up! showed the picture to the original level designer, he said he first made the bsp for that level 10 years ago
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