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  3. When you see the guy and how he managed to get elected it's enough proofs for me, building a wall to "protect the country" tells you enough, puting a global warming sceptic as minister of environment tells you enough. If you let a monkey drive your car, you don't have to wait and see him drive to know that he will crash.
  4. Your house is not on fire, you only think that it will catch fire but in reality there is no way to tell if it will or not. No.. Prepare yourselves for the possibility that it could happen, just don't say that it is an inevitability... Read this on Facebook this afternoon, quite relevant...
  5. Yet another shitty update has been released on the workshop. Reworked mid a bit, map is like 85% done blah blah no one fucking cares. Go have a look for yourself If you want to.
  6. I don't see what your point is over this... we shouldn't prepare ourselves for potential problems because we don't know if they'll happen?
  7. my house is on fire, but i want to see where its going with this, will it actually burn down, or does it just say it will
  8. Your analogies further prove the point I'm making! You don't know if you will crash your car.. you don't know if you will have a heart attack..You don't know that "everything is going to collapse"... unless it actually happens. Speculation speculation speculation... Give. The. Man. A. Chance. That's it. Or else you can carry on predicting Doomsday and living in fear about non-existent Hitlers, your choice.. just don't expect others to swallow it.
  9. Ok i made the map for you, here you go : test_random_spawn.vmf I believe it's working perfectly. You just have to put the teleport #0 in a completely black temporary room somewhere outside your map, with the player spawns. Tell me if you need help for understanding it. And the bsp and nav if you want to try ingame : test_random_spawn.bsp test_random_spawn.nav I hope this will help.
  10. yes, let's wait for everything to collapse to protest, that's a great idea. it's just like waiting until your car crashes to put on your seatbelt, or waiting for until you have a heart attack before you start caring about your health. 👌👍
  11. hmm good point... I tried playing with all kinds of gun. With some of them, especially the big ones, it felt like the waves of demons could never surpass the firepower I had, bringing the game to an awkward point where there was no more risk, even in the final wave. (e.g. with the rocket launcher, I could just fire at the center, detonate, and it would hit everything near the core) Shotguns where interesting, but because of their dropoff and the fact that there are some long shots to hit in there (e.g. demon running on a bridge on the other side of the room) they felt kind of awkward to play The smaller weapons were often too weak and it was really hard to actually kill them in time before they reach the core So I came up to a point where I was testing with a "buffed" version of smaller weapons. I found that the buffed pistol was most fun to play, because it works on any target, at any distance, has an alt-fire for the tougher enemies... I like it because it makes for a more active gameplay - You have to actually aim, hit headshot, shoot as fast as you can - It's very "manual" if you will. But I see what you mean, and now you really make me think about giving the players that choice instead of forcing them - maybe with weapon pickups on the map, limited ammo... or maybe just a randomized weapon to add some diversity... Ok I'll mess around with that and see what can be done!
  12. Fine but then you or anyone else is protesting against things that haven't happened yet, based on speculation of how you perceive he will handle things. He has just been sworn in, let's perhaps wait till he handles those things badly first maybe? It's like people outside of here protesting against Teresa May because of Brexit, nothing has happened yet! Actions speak louder than words...
  13. that i was thinking about was that the players spawn at there own side of the map, but not at the same spot everytime
  14. Right now @planetphillip is streaming the mod, check it out!
  15. Next video for this series:
  16. You're the moron, USA has a big impact on the global economy and also the way he handle the climate change policies will have a huge impact on the world as well.
  17. What is in that bin?
  19. must... not... get... hyped................. fuuuuuuuuuuuuug
  21. In short, I will try to explain how we built Beauclair, what problems we had, how we solved those ect You can read it in more details here: I hope you will enjoy it guys !
  22. Good, it's happened. Now let's see what he actually does.. People constantly obsessing over impeachment, assasination and other delusional visions of grandeur that will somehow lead to Madame President, really need to put on their big boy/girl/transgender pants and move on. Celebrities are here to entertain, if they want to be political they should quit their jobs and join a politicial party, couldn't give two fucks what any of them have to say otherwise. People protesting against Trump in other countries is fucking idiotic, no.. he isn't your president because you don't live in the USA, morons! Lastly... The fuck is this shit? Taking photos of a flaming bin is NOT journalism! Fin.
  23. about music mainly but a lot of the ideas could apply wider
  24. I don't know if you've seen this before, but you should definitely check it out
  25. Chris, you are having too much fun
  26. Awesome. What are you going to be lecturing on? I'll have to come and watch!
  27. Thanks man, that's really good to hear. I wanna focus on mobile once the pictures/text is sorted, the video under showreel is more for if I wanted to show my portfolio at a networking event and people don't have the time to read anything or I'm present to speak to. The video for Rally Bug Turbo is the trailer we produced to advertise the product - so a taster I guess The long text came from speaking to industry people, the way they explained it was the mythbusters "It's only science if you write it down" idea, so the same for design - I have to be able to communicate my ideas. Therefore the videos and pictures are for a quick view and if it catches their eye then there is some substance to read. I will definitely add some more finished pictures to the RBT page, want to build some breakdown for it too. Thanks for the crit and taking the time to check it out!
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