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  2. Starfall Tactics development is going full speed ahead, and we are another step closer to the "it's more than awesome" state. This week we were busy with inner parts of the game and really great stuff which deserves a huge separate news post later - so, this time we continue showing Carriers. Here is Carrier itself in 2D and 3D sketch along with additional important info: Almace, the mighty red giant, is on it's way to Starfall Tactics. This ship is really huge: twice wider than, for example, Mjolnir, and 1200m in length, which is 200m more than any dreadnought in the game! Other Carriers will continue this trend, as they need a lot of space to carry a lot of smaller ships inside. Of course, each Carrier has either platforms or hatchways to be able to launch squads of fighters and other small ships into space - that's where we would love to add some cool animations, but since it takes some time, we will concentrate on it someday later. Let's come back to fighters, one of the smallest ship types you are able to have on-board of your Carrier. Fighters are a common strike squad, designed to perform quick assaults by dealing continuous damage to enemy ships, and we've just finished programming the core mechanincs for them - so that's what they look like in action: Fighters can't be targeted with normal weapons due to their size and speed, but can be taken away by AOE damage, just like other squads of smaller ships you will be able to see and use later. Make sure you check next WIP post - there might be more info about Carriers & ship squads they use Faction portraits - That's the first thing you see once you enter the game, marking one of the most momentous steps in Starfall Tactics - choosing your first faction and starting fleet. That means that all the info and visuals you can see in the faction menu are really important as many of you stay with this choice, going with it through hell and high water. So, recently we worked on new representations for faction portraits, which might replace existing ones or become a new acquaintance somewhere on your way through the Starfall Tactics Universe - we are currently on our way to decide where exactly we should place them. So check it out!
  3. We are seeking 2 more designers / scripters on Payday 2. If you are interested you may PM me directly with a link to your portfolio. Some info about the Job: - Must be able to relocate to Stockholm, Sweden. - Must have prior level design work, either modding or professional (scripting or combat design is a plus) - Hoxton Breakout article will give you more of an idea about how we work at Overkill. As a Level Designer you will create concepts, paper designs and white-boxes of levels within established sets of rules for Payday 2. You will work with the Lead Level Designer and the Senior Level Designers to ensure the overall vision of the project is represented on the game levels. You will be involved in all the steps of the level production from the initial layout, prototyping, gameplay validation phase and into final gameplay implementation and optimization phase. Job Tasks: Create concepts, paper designs and white-boxes of levels within established sets of rules, in order to produce interesting locations, objectives, puzzles, narrative elements and challenging AI encounters that utilize the core mechanics of the game Hands-on development of level layouts through all stages of development. You will own and implement levels from concept to final Collaborate with other disciplines to ensure levels maintain a high quality in design, art, animation, visual effects, lighting and sounds Participate in design and level design sessions to understand the outline of the game experience Communicate your designs to the team and ensure consistency with the Lead Designer/ Lead Level Designer‘s vision Help to maintain and prioritize backlogs and polish lists for your levels Participate in feedback of other designers’ work Solid game industry or modding experience designing solo, multiplayer and co-op levels. You have an excellent sense of 3D game space, gameflow and difficulty tuning. You have experience in designing, building, populating and scripting complex interactivity for next generation products. You are open-minded, adapt to feedback and understand iterative processes. You might have a degree or experience in art, interior or industrial design and you are fluent in English both verbally and in writing. To be successful in this position you have: Knowledge of Payday 2 and other first person shooter co-op games Excellent written and verbal communication and documentation skills Creativity, critical and analytical sense, structure, and an eye for detail Ability to work well as part of a team A passion for gaming Still reading? Great, because here comes the good part: We offer you a position at a dynamic and rapidly growing company where we live and die by gameplay. While we grow, we want you to grow with us and to evolve in your professional development and make our games kick-ass within the gaming industry. Sounds good? Then we can’t wait to see your resumé and meet you! We recommend that you apply as soon as possible, as interviews are held continuously. Send your application with a resumé, portfolio and a personal letter in English. All applications must include a resumé and personal letter to be considered. Looking forward to hearing from you! - Jason / Lead level designer on Payday 2
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  5. they look great el moroes
  6. I feel like a lot of these can be immediately shot down by a google search. But hey, at least that person looked for confirmation before spreading it themselves.
  7. I was asked by an American if everything is ok in my country. I didn't understand why he asked and he then told me that lots of media, including Fox news, report that Europe is being invaded by refugees who commit mass rape, terrorize entire cities and impose Sharia Law on us.
  8. I find it confusing as to why they keep fabricating terror attacks to try and convince people of why their policies and actions are justified.
  9. I noticed this too and I seriously wonder why it's like this:
  10. Thanks man ! Yep, during the loving and famous called "golden hour"
  11. Now that you say, I remember some comments on forum… liked you say is been long and not sure, kinds thought they just patched the game. I'll find out when I play…
  12. Pretty sure it did something about the crappy vanilla boss fights. It's been a while.
  13. Yeah, one day i think she is a bitch and all that stuff, next day, you are lonely and miss her like hell. The trick is to stay busy but its not easy. Movies almost all My stuff this weekend, that fit in My car and that i could carry myself. Being sad really makes me less lazy 😄. Something good!
  14. So there's a Square Enix sale. What's the difference between Deus Ex Human Revolution and its "director's cut" edition? I thought I owned the latter as I bought it in some sale and "The Missing Link" DLC appears in my list of games (so maybe I have the digital deluxe edition?)
  15. The thing is that some girls you will still think about when you are 80. I still think a lot about this one ex, that was my "the one" so far. And I know from other people that even though they are 100% happy and life is great, they often have this one they never can't stop thinking about. I guess that's life Just have to accept it, fight stupid urges and move on.
  16. Hello Mapcore, after a break of 1 1/2 years I am back with a new map! Well, actually the map is not really that new, but it never had a release, so here it is: de_geothermal! Geothermal is set near a vulcano in the middle of iceland, where for some unknown reason Terrorists try to blow up a geothermal powerplant. The map is designed for competitive 5vs5 play. The layout actually was created by a friend of mine and me in highschool back arround 2007 or 2008 for CS:Source. After the map was never fully finished, and I was looking for a cool new project I decided to reboot the map, as the Source version actually worked well. So very special thanks to Fabian "baqueta" Triep at this point! Obviously this is currently the first Work in Progress version. I am already excited to find out, how this develops within the playtests!
  17. Nope
  18. The framing and lighting are awesome. I take it this was shot at sunset judging from the "derniers rayons" hint?
  19. Is that John Malkovich?
  20. Was just messing around with some patterns and curves, ended up with a cool panel type thing.
  22. Last week
  23. The wear and tear on the models and wallpaper look GUUUDDD
  24. It was surreal watching the opening scene as the theater that was shown during the car chase in the second shot was the theater I was watching the movie in.
  25. I universally hate angry, ranty, "rage" youtubers... unless they're Scottish, for some reason. This "Why you suck at Overwatch" video is actually pretty useful.
  26. Hey Mapcore, This is Broadcast being worked on by myself, Hordeau and @Hollandje Workshop: More screenshots: Hope you like it!
  27. Updated my journal. I hope the production value will be higher than on Wasteland 2.
  28. From brushes to models! This 3d stuff is neato.
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